Monday, March 28, 2011

You can't compare

I found myself drooling over Amy Butler's new fabric line, Soul Blossoms. I did not care for Ms. Butler's last line, Love, but Soul Blossoms? I can not stop thinking about it!

The timing of my discovery was a bit unfortunate as I was taking a brief brake from designing my own fabric line by surfing the web. Talk about intimidation! Not only that, but I found myself comparing her 9th line to my yet-to-be-born-line. I know better than to compare my work in progress to someones best work, but I did it anyway.

I felt SO unqualified to even have such a dream that would put my talent anywhere near the same industry as hers.

Then my best friend called. She is the best! I had just sent her some of my designs....before I had seen the Soul Blossom line....and she called to tell me she and just barely opened them and said, "Ooooooo! Pretty!"

Be. still. my. soul.

I expressed to her my feelings of inadequacy and she, as always, helped me game plan a few directions I can take my designs to get closer to the feeling I want them to convey.

So I now feel hopeful, talented enough to have big dreams, and excited to work my little tail off to make them come true.

I don't want to copy Amy Butler. She is incredible and a great inspiration. But the world already has one of her. What they don't have is a me and I happen to think that there is just enough room for the both of least I hope so anyway.


Chrissy said...

I doubt that timing was coincidental. :) And I think there is definitely room for a you.

April Weeks said...

YOu can do it,Em!

That which is acquired too easily is esteemed too lightly.

We are all cheering for you.

Lawson Family said...

So, how can your best friend of a sister get in on the fabric design viewing?