Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back to the fun stuff

Housework is NOT fun. There is not really any chore that I get delight from if it is in the house.

Yard work, however, is . the. best!

I love yard work! I get totally lost in thought doing it and can spend hours and hours without feeling burdened.  The day was so nice that I was able to finish dead heading two rose buses, pruning, 6 bushes and clearing out most of the fall leaves from the flower beds.

Meanwhile, Sanders thinks it great fun to walk in flower beds that have new little greenery growing in it. Grrrr. We are working on NOT doing that.  We also worked on just smelling the flowers, not bringing them to show me.

My yard may go through a bald phase this year. Just be patient. :)


Tobi said...

If it doesn't grow something I can eat, I don't want to deal with ith. My yard is available. Any.time.

April Weeks said...

I'm so happy you love to do that. Your grandma sure did and you know Kim did. Me on the other hand, not so much. My mom even asked me if I thought there would be weeds in heaven and I said "not my heaven, MOm!"