Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More about the Head-eating-Elvis collar

The photographer sent me this picture


Now for more on how this fantastic photo came to be.

My cousin Chrissy is an amazing, truly gifted, seamstress.

I brought her thisAnd in no time she had drawn me up a pattern. She used math and everything just to be sure to get all the curves just right.

From there I took the pattern and the original outfit and figured out how to construct it. That's right, no directions! Yeah me! I did call Chrissy and ask her a few basics, considering I have never sewn a sleeve or collar in my life.
I ended up with this
I am so proud of myself. I had no idea I could do such things. As you can see it looks very proportional on the hanger. Not at all like a head-eating-Elvis collar. The problem came in that I allowed for a 5/8" seam and only sewed a 1/4" seam resulting in a size bigger than intended. I'm told that comes from being more acclimated to quilting than clothing construction. But I'm learning.

I can't wait to see what I can do next. Its like I have surprises waiting inside of me I never knew about.

How fun!

Here are the cute little loafers my mom crocheted to go along with the outfit. Sanders was in a "mood" and kept rubbing his feet together and knocking them off during the photo shoot. We'll get some with them on though.

The pictures don't do them justice. I've already "ordered" some more in different colors from Mom. Too cute.

PS the color behind the shoes in my new kitchen color. Don't you just love it?!??!?!

Monday, April 20, 2009

beauty amidst the chaos

We had a photo shoot at our house on Saturday

Nikki B Photo

If you had been over at our house Saturday evening, you would be just as surprised as I am at how good the photos turned out. There really was much more chaos than posing from these seemingly angelic children. Although, isn't Karaia just that, angelic, in those shots?

Oh, and that blessing outfit with the tricked-out Elvis collar that is swallowing Sanders whole was made by yours truly. But more about the reason behind the trend-setting look of head swallowing collars later when I have more than one hand to type with.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Own it and move on

I hate to admit this. But admitting it and owning it are the first steps to overcoming it and moving on.

I have a fussy baby. A VERY fussy baby.

There are a few choice moments in which this child is calm and content. They come in the morning for about 20 minutes only to disappear until the next day.

During those golden moments I don't get much more done than when he is fussy because I just sit there with him in my lap. Soaking in the sunshine and golden-ness that is this non-crying child. Very much enjoying motherhood and trying to pry a smile from him, or at least twinkle eyes, so that I may last throughout the remainder of the day in one. sane. piece

That was how this post was going to start.....yesterday.

I've been toying with this post in my brain since yesterday. I've come at it from different angles and word choices. Today, however, is much different than yesterday and therefore this post will more likely morph into more than was originally intended by the author, Me.

The reason behind the difference is tender mercies from my Heavenly Father. Coming to me in the form of sleep. Sleep of a newborn, NOT in my arms. I am thoroughly convinced that any sleeping newborn, who posses a fussy nature, is a direct result of divine intervention and to say otherwise should be deemed blasphemous.

That being said, yesterday, I was the proud owner of a fussy baby. One who had been fussy for a few days, but who decided to kick it up a notch yesterday. From 6:30 - 11:30 the only time he did not cry was when he was eating. He's a boobaholic for sure.

He had pretty much cried MOST of the day. Despite my best efforts. Except for the 15-20 minutes after the first morning feeding and the 1 1/2 hour window of time that he was napping while I was out to lunch with my mom and sister for Mom's 51st birthday (Happy Birthday, Mom!)

But what can you do. The other three need attention at least some point in the day. I mean, the kids have to eat. It's a law or something. Although my 6 year-old did make everyone a very nourishing lunch of corn dogs (hallelujah for microwaveable food!) and my 4 year old set the table and got everyone drinks. They even put Tennyson in his booster for him. All the while Larry Lunch Mouth was attached to for the 12th time that day because he was convinced there was no happiness on this Earth for him otherwise.

He never really napped yesterday. Unless he was attached.

So by 11:30pm I was done. I was still calm, but I needed my body back and simple, non-strategic thoughts about what I would try next running through my head.

He FINALLY, peacefully, without me rocking him, fell asleep.

And he slept.

And I slept.

Until 6 am.

And then he ate and went back to sleep. On his own.

And I slept.

He didn't get up again until 10. ( I of course got up early with the other ankle biters)

Then he ate.

We had our 30 minutes of Golden time. I actually got twinkle eyes today.

He started to fussed. I put him to bed. And he fell asleep. All on his own.

There has been virtually no crying today.

So now I am different. And this post is different.

And I am grateful for the difference and fully acknowledge the source from which it came.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

If only

Tennyson has been showing signs of wanting to be potty trained for awhile now. But I am a realist...sometimes.... But in this case, yes. There was NO way I was going to start that business before the baby came.

Seems like Mr. T has his own ideas. For the past three days whenever he pees or poops he will tell me as he's doing it and then run like a wild child to the bathroom, lift the seat up and try and sit down.

Yesterday, I guess he was practicing peeing because I had to change his diaper 2 times in 15 minutes because he peed and then HAD to strip down to sit on the toilet.

Today, it's been the #2 variety. But he has managed to actually save some to donate to the porcelain god. But only after shedding EVERY article of clothing his has on. We, of course, do the potty dance and there is much rejoicing.

I still am not going to force the issue. The kid is not even two yet and he can't pull down his own pants. Those are two requirements in this household....well, I guess I could fudge on the Being Two rule, but not the pulling down your own pants.

Plus, part of me is afraid to even dream of it being this easy. Can you imagine? It would be like Heaven on Earth.


It would.

That's right....I'm related to that guy!

My step-brother Ryan was featured in Utah's Best of by city weekly. He is SERIOUSLY way more awesome than the article suggests. He is amazing.

Check out what they wrote. He is the 9th one down in BEST MUSIC TO DINE BY

Way to go Ryan!!!!

PS He and his siblings played at my wedding. It was one of those things people talked to me about for years. Good times.