Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Drama

Karaia has been kind of shy at school. Opposite of what she's been most of her life, but hey maybe she's decided she needs a new angle. Who am I to judge.

Anyway, she was coming home a bit sad because she couldn't "find" anyone to play with during recess. How that is possible since there are FIVE kids from our street, that she played with ALL summer, and THREE from her soccer team, in her class is confusing. But again, maybe she had some temporary blindness. I wasn't there. It's possible. Unlikely, but I suppose possible.

So we came up with a plan and even role played with it a few times. She chose a friend, beforehand, that she would ask before school started if they would like to play with her at recess. It worked like a charm resulting in her all but floating into the car for a week.

Yesterday, she informed me that the little friend she had chosen was playing with someone else when she got out to the playground. Dun Dun duuuuuuuun

The best solution to that, OBVIOUSLY, was to plop down on the grass and cry. Then, of course, the next logical step is to march right up to said friend and declare,

"Why would you want to do that to me?!"

Oh, the DRAMA! I hear it only gets worse the older they get. I wouldn't know because I'm pretty sure I was a drama free girl growing up........except for those few years between then and now.

I'm in trouble.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I have a list of things to do today.

I've spent most of the day, driving my children to their places of education, and computer things.....I may have an addiction. Not to chauffeuring but to computer things.

OBVIOUSLY I can't hold myself accountable because I am a very good internal debater and can come up with many reasons why this is not a problem. So I will hold myself accountable to the dear readers on the interweb.

I will only blog, read or post on message boards, and email after the kids go to bed or I have ALL of my jobs done and have played at least TWO games with the kids.

Oh the pain! I can already feel the excuses welling up inside.

But I must be strong because my family needs clean laundry, you can't have grilled cheese sandwiches every night, the bathrooms need a fire hose taken to them, the weeds have formed a union in the back, I have 3 children who are way more fun than blogging, and a person should only be sitting down for so long if they are getting paid at an office job.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mean Mom

Beckham told me to stop being so mean.

I didn't answer in a very kind manner and promptly put myself in a much needed time out with un-needed amounts of yummy things I should not eat.

I get in these moods where I am astounded and frustrated as to why these knee nibblers cannot stay on task or seemingly even obey simple requests.

Then I go to time out and remember that they are 1, 3, and 5 years old. I can only expect so much out of them despite the grasp on language they have that causes me to view them as older. They are still young and so are my mothering skills.

And do you know what? Sometimes Karaia is going to be extra emotional/grumpy after school. Who doesn't/didn't have days like that. Kindergarten is a big adjustment.

And sometimes Beckham is going to cry about every.last.thing that goes on during the day and I will just have to learn to be more patient in helping him remember there are better ways to express his disappointment....about everything.

And sometimes Tennyson is going to push every button in the house despite being told NO a thousand times, try to open the oven, dip toys in the toilet water and then lick them dry, sprinkle his sippy cup water all over the carpet to see the designs it makes, and run away laughing when I try to take a misplaced permanent marker from him. I will just have to stay on my toes for a few years longer and I'm sure I will look back and laugh--I'll just keep telling myself that--

someday this will be funny
someday this will be funny
someday this will be funny


Sunday, September 7, 2008

It came, I survived

I completed the Bear Lake Brawl triathlon on Saturday while 13 weeks pregnant....without throwing up once!

But before you start calling the local news stations or sending sponsors my way you need to know,

I pretty much came in last.

OK, there were about 15 people who came in after me. ( I just got the official results. I place 198 out 201)

To illustrate how "last" I was:

my best friend, who is also pregnant and due two weeks before me, started 15 minutes after me and finished 25 minutes before me.

A 58 year old man, someone TWICE my age, who ALSO started 15 minutes after me, passed me on the bike as if I was frozen. I couldn't even see him anymore two minutes later.

I cried when I crossed the finish line because I thought I was last.
(I knew I wasn't going to win, but my biggest fear was coming in last)

I cried when I crossed the finish line because I had a lot of family there cheering me on and I've always been a HUGE cry baby when it comes to underdog stories.

I cried when I crossed the finish line because I'm pregnant and, lets face it, I cry at car commercials.

However, I am glad I did it. I'm glad I finished. I don't think I'll do another, but I can't really be sure because it still hurts to walk so who knows what I'll think when my body doesn't remember the pain anymore.

I DO know that I will not be attempting anything like this again while I have young children. I wasn't able to train as much as I need which led to my 3rd from the bottom ranking. Maybe when the kids are older and I have more times that I can get away.

Don't quote me on that....I said MAYBE.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Faith of a child

As we were driving home from spending a great weekend with these fun people, we entered into a torrential down pour that was especially torrential in Weber Canyon. Despite all the wetness we passed a newly sparked forest fire fairly close to the road. A big ever green burst into flames just as we were passing.

The kids started asking many, many questions about why, how, and what. Suddenly Beckham declared, "Mom, I'm going to say a quick prayer."

We all folded our arm (well, not Kevin----he was driving)

"Dear Heavenly Father, please bless that there will be more rain.
Please bless the lightning won't make anymore fires.
Please bless the fireman that they will be able to get to the fire at night.
I think they need help.
Maybe some hoses or something.
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."

Right then my heart burst with love and pride for this little man of mine and the unwavering faith he has in his Father in Heaven's awareness of him.

Then he said that maybe Heaven Father had been taking a break when the fire started because He was tired from using his power all the time.

Even very spiritual individuals occasionally get super powers and omnipotent power confused.