Thursday, March 10, 2011

There's a first time for everything

I took Sanders in for his two year appointment today.

He weighs 26.8 lbs (33 %)
67 % for height
45% for head

We also found out that on Saturday, when he fell out of his crib, he fractured it. It's just a little fracture and doesn't need a cast or a brace UNLESS he keeps falling on it.

This was all figured out because I had noticed that ever since he fell, as I put his seat belt on or dressed him or and even sometimes when he would fall and go to push himself up he would wince and tell me it hurt. I suspected it was a really bad sprain but wanted the Dr to take a look.

No sprain.

Sanders is the first child to ever break/fracture anything.

Oh, sure we've had dressers fall on kids and the occasional skewer in a eye socket, but no breaks.

Thankfully, at this age, Sanders' bones are more bendy than brittle. So while it is fractured, the Dr says it's more of a bend fracture.

Still, he's going to have to take it easy for the next three weeks or we will have to go in and get it x-rayed.

You know what though? I will take this over a dresser or a skewer any day of the year!


Danica said...

Poor kid. Are you going to move him out of his crib soon?

Emilie said...

I would if Kevin weren't going on TWO 3 week work trips in the next 4 months. We can lower the crib one more notch. ;)

April Weeks said...

So it was his wrist? That's how I knew Meghan had broken her arm as a toddler cause when she would stumble as toddlers do her reation to the pain was unusual.

my rebel took over said...

I forgot all about the skewer post. I just re-read it and it gave me that funny feeling in my stomach. These kids are out to kill us.

ps: Love that you posted pictures. Maybe I'll post pictures of my finger after all!