Monday, March 7, 2011

Back to the start

I did it.

I lost the weight!


And most of the inches.


Back to my final weight after the six weeks. Actually, even a little bit lower. *wahoo!* I'm thinking that most of the weight from last week was hormonal weight. Which would also explain my mood swings ;)

I think I have a handle on this whole thing.

I found a blog, Craving a Life, of my friend's sister who is on this incredible journey of weight loss.

While she has more to lose than I did, I can relate to all of her thought processes.

My favorite new term she has coined is, "Calorizing".

I'm not dieting, I'm calorizing. Here is her definition for calorizing: "downsizing calorie intake while still eating chocolate and moving more… and then eating more chocolate! "

Sounds like a pretty good way to live to me.

Here's to Calorizing!

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Marge said...

congratulations on getting to where you want to be and being able to say you think you'll be able to stay/maintain. i like your calorizing word - I like to say I'm not dieting I'm just living healthy (it's the truth). thanks for keeping some of the rest of us motivated. I'm running again mostly due to the fact that my husband is out of town for 10 days so I have extra time on my hand while I'm not working.