Saturday, March 5, 2011

No time to rest...except when you're sick

Consider this guest post #2.

We had a great birthday party today for Sanders.  Emilie worked really hard and made an awesome train cake.  Sanders had a blast, the ice cream was good, everything was definitely a success.

Until tonight.  Sanders and Tennyson would not settle down and go to sleep.  They could have been completely wired on sugar.  Sanders even fell out of his crib tonight.  He probably landed on his left arm funny because he was complaining about his left wrist hurting.  Don't worry, nothing was broken, probably just tweaked a little.

Finally, the reason this is a guest post:  Emilie may have eaten something bad tonight.  She's definitely not feeling well.  I've ordered her to bed where she can hopefully recover quickly.  She should be back tomorrow with some pictures of today's cake and a little more insight.

In the meantime, last time I "guest posted" I mentioned some of the things that I would write about.  Here's a shortened version.  Consumers in the United States went a little crazy during the last decade and completely over-spent.  People used their homes as piggy banks and racked up debt like crazy.  That's one of the biggest reasons we had the hard crash in late 2008 and are still feeling the effects of the "Great Recession."  Individuals, businesses, cities, counties even states have all had to cut back in order to right the ship, per se.  One entity that hasn't learned that lesson yet is the Federal Government.  The United States government absolutely has to cut back and start "living within its means" or we are going to be in big trouble.

Here's a great video that pretty much sums it all up:

Oh, I and feel a guest post #3 in the not too distant future...


Brianna said...

Well put Kevin... very well put.

P.S.- Feel better soon Em!

Sarah said...

I like when you post. Variety is nice.

my rebel took over said...

Love it Kevin! I'm enjoying your guest posts!

Marge said...

awesome guest posts - it's fun.