Thursday, March 31, 2011

Could have been

I entered 3 contest/competitions recently.

Two of those competitions announced the winner or finalists today.

In these two, I felt I had a real chance of winning. Not just some random number generator. No, it was based off of skill.

It wasn't to be.

One of them was a competition with the grand prize as your own fabric line. I know, right! You could only enter in one design. From there they (the contest judges) would narrow it down to 75 semi-finalists, then have open voting. The top 10 with the most votes would continue on, eventually coming down to one winner.

They had a very specific topic for your single entry: Baby boy designs.

So I entered something that I would have LOVED to have found when searching to decorate my boy's nursery. Geometric, non-animal, non-motorized vehicle, non-toy, non-juvenile type designs. Guess what? Every semi-finalist has an animal, motorized vehicle, toy, or something that clearly defines it as meant for a nursery incorporated into it's design.

I know that's what people think of when they think of baby boys, but seriously? Can we not think beyond the box a little? They have sophisticated designs for baby girls....why not baby boys?

But it's OK. There is still Market. And I've worked really, REALLY hard to get this far. I kind of want to see how I'll do there.

I know you are all curious about what the finalists designs look like, so here they are

The second contest was a craft contest. I was very proud of my craft. And it still did well. It came 3rd. First prize was $1002 and I think I may have been spending it subconsciously. But I did win $100 and am thrilled about that! Plus, I know the winner and it's easy for me to be happy for her wins so that is a bonus!

The third contest winner will be announced tomorrow.

Hmmm....I think I'll wait and share that tomorrow. I don't want to jinx anything. I don't have a very good track record with winning today and I need all the superstitious help I can get *wink*

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's like a magnet

Beckham made ANOTHER visit to the insta-care tonight. Luckily the tooth didn't go ALL the way through his lip after he fell playing on the big toy during soccer. Almost, but not quite.

I swear, that kid's face is like a magnet to trauma and injury. If he makes it to adulthood without any significant scars it will be a straight up miracle.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Break through

Remember yesterday how I had a little pity party and then slowly, cautiously, dried my tears and vowed to continue onward?

Are you familiar with the saying, "It's always darkest before the dawn" ?

Yesterday was the darkest. As I said, I felt less than up to the task I had placed before me. I woke up today with a new resolve and a renewed conviction.

And it happened.

I have been working on this ONE design for over a month now. The same one. It has changed and morphed and grown so quickly and so slowly. But today, with a chorus of angels encouraging me from behind, it finally came together.

To say I am grateful doesn't even come close to expressing the feelings I have. I have felt guided and directed. Pushed and pulled. Carried and walked beside. Yes, this is only fabric design. But for me it's been a journey of self discovery. Of recognizing and accepting talents, without apologies for trying to cultivate and grow them.

It's OK to have talents. And it's OK if you know what your talents are. And it's OK if you are proud of your talents. It's NOT OK to be proud because you have a talent, but you can delight in your talents.

They are gifts from our Heavenly Father. Given to us so we may experience the power of creating something from nothing. To create beauty and light around us. In whatever form. To fail to recognize and cultivate your talents is, I now know, an ungrateful act.

I am grateful for this lesson. It was a hard one for me to learn. There is a fine line between a mind set of gratitude, which includes acknowledging and using what has been given you, and being prideful, which is feeling entitled to what you have been given and feeling better than others because of it. 

I was so afraid of even getting close to the prideful line that I struggled to have a true attitude of gratitude. It's hard to say, "yes, I have been given that talent and I have worked on becoming good at it!" For me I never want it to come across as, "yes, I am better than you at that!" So to even say I'm good, terrified me. But how can you be grateful if you don't even acknowledge that you have been given something?

And that is part of this journey. Accepting the light and love my Father in Heaven has provided to help me become who He needs me to be. 

And it's OK to dream big. Nobody has the corner market on big dreams. They are available to anyone. You just have to find the courage to take that first step.

Monday, March 28, 2011

You can't compare

I found myself drooling over Amy Butler's new fabric line, Soul Blossoms. I did not care for Ms. Butler's last line, Love, but Soul Blossoms? I can not stop thinking about it!

The timing of my discovery was a bit unfortunate as I was taking a brief brake from designing my own fabric line by surfing the web. Talk about intimidation! Not only that, but I found myself comparing her 9th line to my yet-to-be-born-line. I know better than to compare my work in progress to someones best work, but I did it anyway.

I felt SO unqualified to even have such a dream that would put my talent anywhere near the same industry as hers.

Then my best friend called. She is the best! I had just sent her some of my designs....before I had seen the Soul Blossom line....and she called to tell me she and just barely opened them and said, "Ooooooo! Pretty!"

Be. still. my. soul.

I expressed to her my feelings of inadequacy and she, as always, helped me game plan a few directions I can take my designs to get closer to the feeling I want them to convey.

So I now feel hopeful, talented enough to have big dreams, and excited to work my little tail off to make them come true.

I don't want to copy Amy Butler. She is incredible and a great inspiration. But the world already has one of her. What they don't have is a me and I happen to think that there is just enough room for the both of least I hope so anyway.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's all about the presentation

Our church is from 11-2. Because those are the hours of lunch we always feed the kids a snack lunch just before we leave.

Today Kevin asked Karaia if she would get the snack ready.

This is what she came up with.

All on her own.

I like how the apples are arranged around the edge and the meat is rolled.

She's a pretty amazing kid and has learned well that even the most simple of things can be amazing if presented well.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I didn't know that's how things worked

Tennyson said to me, "Mom, when Sanders turns three you need to call him Tennyson because I am three and you call me Tennyson."

"But if I call both of you Tennyson how are you going to know who I am talking to?"

"When I am four, you will just give me another name. But when Sanders is three you need to call him Tennyson."

"What new name should I give you when you are four?"


I had no idea you could tell a persons age, not only by a number, but also by their name. Huh.
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Mama's Boy

Sanders is a mama's boy.

Most of the time it's cute...except for when it's not.

He always wants me to play, "baba hoo" --basketball hoop

Me to get his food.

Me to sit next to him.

He can hear me come home from anywhere in the house and he will come running to give me a HUGE hug. Then he takes me by the hand and presents me to every single member of the family with an excited, "Mama home!!!!"

He likes me enough that he will now put himself in timeout if I tell him to. He hangs his little head and walks himself to his room to sit on a chair until I come and talk to him about why he is in time out.

That is a definite benefit of having a Mama's boy.

He likes to do whatever I am doing, or at least watch me doing it.


A little bit more space when I need to, um, have some personal bathroom time would be a most welcome change.

I'm hoping that maybe he is just studying up on how to potty train himself.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Sometimes I wonder just how responsible my children are when I am not around.

I got a clue this morning.

Karaia and Beckham had walked to school. A trek that they make nearly every day. About 20 minutes after they left I got a call from Karaia, who was using the crossing guard's phone.

"Hi Mom. This is Karaia. Um....I have something to tell you."

"Hi Karaia. Ok, what's up?"

"I lost Beckham.......I thought we were going the wrong way, but Beckham said we weren't so he went one way and I went the other and now I don't know where he is."

"OK. I will come find him. Thank you for telling me. I am proud of you."

I really was. That was probably a really hard phone call to make. ( I know it's always going to be trouble when she starts out saying, "I have something to tell you.") PLUS it proves that she actually does care about Beckham's welfare despite her valiant efforts to convince us otherwise.

I loaded the two little guys in the van, almost positive that I would find Beckham sitting in his class, blissfully unaware that he is lost. That boy has built in GPS. He always has.

Ten minutes later I got another call from Karaia.

"Mom, Beckham's not lost anymore! He was in his class the WHOLE time.", she giggled "But I thought I would call and tell you that because I was like, Mom is going to be looking ALL over for Beckham and getting scared and I didn't want that to happen. So I thought I would call you and tell you Beckham was in his class."

Even though the choice they made to separate was NOT a responsible choice I just LOVE that I got a little glimpse into Karaia's mind and really how much she cares for her little brother. It does this mom's heart good!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I nearly forgot to blog tonight!

The oldest kids started soccer again today. Beckham scored a hat trick. Karaia had an assist.

Tennyson and Sanders actually enjoyed watching the games. This is a monumental occasion for our little family. It means I may actually get to watch some soccer as opposed to chasing renegade ankle bitters!
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More pictures

I'm not in a typing mood...shocking right?

Anyway, here are some more pictures of our sledding adventures. These ones are from Monday

But first, a peak into Karaia's creativity