Friday, October 31, 2008

It's how you look at it

You know those times in your life when you think,


Are you kidding me?!

What is the world is happening in the cosmos to create such havoc with my life?!

One more thing goes wrong and it's guaranteed that I will indeed have to be committed.

You know, those moments.

We are smack in the middle of one of those moments and I feel the need to change how I am looking at things. So if you will, I would feel privileged if you would accompany me on a tour of all the really, really good things I have going right now.

I am financially wise enough to know when things are getting close to bad and therefore can adjust our spending and saving accordingly before it gets really, really bad.

My children are amazing. I know, Dear Readers, that I don't write many Holy cow how did my kids get to be so good posts, but they really are and I am one pretty lucky Mama to get to hang out with them every day.

I am really lucky to have friends I can call looking for advice, on the verge of tears because it seems so hopeless and dark, and find myself unable to control those tears (dang pregnancy hormones)and they still love me and don't think less of me for having emotions much less for expressing them. I think they might even still claim that they know me in public. Thank you!.

That is such a rare quality these days. Everyone just expects everyone else to be pulled together 100% of the time. Well guess what, World. I have emotions. Why can't I show them? Who says you have to smile ALL the time? And even with a wide range of emotions I am still able to function in society and be productive.

I am a crier. That's what I do. If I'm happy, I cry. If I'm sad, I cry. If I'm frustrated, disappointed, overjoyed, spiritually moved, I cry. Does that make me weak. I don't think so. And if you do, well then I'm sorry for you. You might not want to be around me for the next 5 months. Because there is just no telling when the water works will come.

It's fall. And all the colors are out parading about. It's amazing so many colors can be hiding in one little leaf.

Kevin HAS a job. That he likes. That in of itself is a huge ++++++.

I am growing a new life. Right inside of this amazing body. Could I be any more lucky?

We own a home, two cars, a computer, T.V.s, and can still afford to by food. It may be Ramen (oh and Halloween candy), but we will not starve.

I have many friends. Friends I could show up at their door step and they would let me stay the whole day, with all my kids, just because. I hope they know I'd do the same for them.

My kids love school and delight in learning.

I have a working washer and dryer.

AND a working furnace.

We have food storage.

I have lots of fabric that I can just do all sorts of things with.

I have a sewing machine

I know how to use it.

I get to go to church every Sunday.

I can read the scriptures whenever I want.

The neighborhood is Chalk full of kids who are good influences on my kids.

I am 6 hours away, in any direction, from truly amazing natural wonders of this world.

The cable guy is here right now because our phone are being less then friendly but it's amazing to even have a phone.

I have lots, and lots, of extra/unused paint in my garage. So If I wanted I can repaint a room and it won't cost a thing. It might not be the color I was looking for, but it will be different then what I had before.

I've started becoming crafty and am excited at the direction that is leading me.

Wow! Look at that list. It makes the trials seem a little less monstrous because look at all the Lord had equipped me with to fight against them.

You hear that, Trials, I've got a whole arsenal of blessings that is ready to stomp all over your attempts to cause me to despair. I may be still fighting you, but I'm pretty sure I've already won.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random pregnant thoughts

Thought #1:

"Hmmm.....I wonder just how good it would taste if I put EXTRA buffalo sauce on frozen buffalo wings?"

Thought #2:

"Wouldn't it be horrible if you could SEE farts?"

For the record, it's beyond good to put more buffalo sauce on frozen buffalo wings.

You should all try it.

I mean right now. Hurry no walking. It's a must run to kind of flavor.

I'll wait.

And it's totally worth all side effects, i.e., burning mouth, watery eyes........

.............insane amounts of gas.

Hence the reasoning for the second random thought.

Pregnancy is so glamorous.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The results are in

The area in question was checked, double checked, and even triple checked.


I will be forever outnumbered!

OK not FOREVER. I mean once the boys get married we'll be all even again, but for the next 25 years....

That's right IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!

We are very excited that Tennyson will have a brother so close in age to him. And Karaia and I feel pretty good about being the Queen and Princess of the household long term.

By the way, Karaia was true to her word and she did not cry. Everyone was very excited.

I will admit to feeling a bit nostalgic about not buying cute girly shoes, or dresses, or bows, but if you look hard enough around you can find boy clothes that just melt your heart.

Now onto names.

Oh I SO HATE this part.

Two hours to go....

In two hours we find out the gender of this child!

*Note~ That sentence is to be said out loud with much jumping and boarder line yelling

It is widely known that in my perfect world I would have 2 girls and 2 boys. Seeing that I already have 2 boys you can deduce the gender I am hoping for.

However, I am mostly excited to find out who our little family is going to contain for the rest of our lives. Boy or girl they are welcomed, wanted, and loved beyond measure already.

Here's how the vote breaks up

Kevin says: Boy. Because you are destined to be out numbered by boys due to the fact that you had no brothers. Nice right?

Karaia says: I hope it's a girl, but I won't cry if it's a boy.

Beckham says: One boy and one girl

Tennyson says: Well Beckham says that Tennyson says: It's a girl

I say: I think it's a boy, but would be pleasantly surprised if it's a girl. Then my world can be even. Although last night I had a dream that they found 3 babies during the ultra sound and they were all boys. I think the Big Man upstairs is trying to send me a message.

Final count

Boy: 3
Girl: 2

It's too close to call. Tune in later in the day to find out the exciting results.

Umm......does anyone have a working clock? Mine seems to have stopped and occasionally gone backwards. AGHHHHHHHHHHH will 1:30 never get here?!?!?!?!?!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Now that's love

I promise vacation pictures are coming soon, but first....

It's 10:45 pm and where is my husband?

Out on the hunt for buffalo sauce.

That's right, the baby is feeling spicy.

I must have looked really pathetic wandering around the kitchen, whimpering at the lack of buffalo sauce because the next thing I know he has changed OUT of his pajamas into clothes and he is out the door to score me some of magic sauce.

Ahhhh....I so love him!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

And then he was four

What's this?

A new post?

Stop rubbing your eyes.

You are actually seeing new words on this blog.

Why such a long absence you ask?

There has been much vacationing and much laziness concerning loading the pictures from the camera to the computer.

I still have yet to do the latter, so be sure to check this post out later for added pictures. But I have too many thoughts to contain in my head alone. You will just have to struggle through without visual aids.

Now on to the thoughts at hand:

My son, Beckham, turned 4 Sept. 23rd. He has been waiting, for what I am SURE feels like and eternity to him, to turn 4 for quite some time.

In fact, a short time after turning 4 he asked me just how long it had been since this miraculous event took place. I informed him it had been two days to which he lamented, " OHHHHHH! I'm not going to be 4 for very long!" Even pointing out that he still had 363 days left of four-ness did little to console him.

Beckham is a child of extremes. And as with all children, he is a joy and a challenge. His just comes in extreme amounts.

Beckham is VERY loving. If you really want to give him something special all that is needed is an empty lap and some undivided attention. He will tell you amazing stories and observations. Stories sprinkled with truth and large quantities of magic and improbabilities. You will never want for entertainment with him around. I am amazed every day at his quick wit and observations. After all, he is only 4. But Beyond that, he has a way of making YOU feel loved--unconditionally. Not a talent many have, and yet my little man has mastered the gift.

Beckham is VERY stubborn. If you have not done something in the fashion that he feels that it should have been executed you WILL get a tongue lashing and a few well placed tears along with some much dramatized stomping of feet. He is nearly inconsolable when something of this nature takes place and has become accustom to finding himself quite alone in a room to contemplate, and hopefully come to terms, with the fact that there are many right ways to do the same thing. And HIS way is not the only way.

Beckham loves to learn. Especially anything that has to do with language. He has always been good in this area. His current passion is mastering how to sign a sentence. It takes him 3 times as long to ask or tell me something, and I realize he is not using correct ASL grammar, but he is very proud of himself and I try to encourage his efforts as much as possible.

(I don't know how to sign a proper sentence. That's why I can't correct him...Annie maybe you can give me a few tips)

Beckham adores playing with other boys. The more "boy" the activity, the better. Sword fitting is high on the list at the moment. As well as transforming into dragons and pirates in order to scare little girls in preschool. His utensils often find that there is no other possible way of delivering food to his mouth unless they are accompanied by rocket and airplane engine noises. He has also decided that he is a super hero for most of the day and therefor must run, flip, and roll to every destination.

Being the clever mother that I am, I find this super hero identity to be quite useful. Because, as you are all aware, superheros get their strength and speed from vegetables. ESPECIALLY the green ones.

As challenging as it can be sometimes, I would be lost without this little guy in my life. He is forever opening my eyes wider as he himself discovers the world. Being the giving person he is, he turns right around and teaches me of all the wonderful things hen has seen that day, not knowing I have already seen them, but not wanting me to miss out on anything amazing, lovely, or inspiring.

He is a very spiritual person. Who has a grasp on the things of the Gospel that are far beyond his age. As a mother, that is one of the things I am always hoping and praying for, that my children will develop testimonies of their own. I am grateful to be charged with his care and feel blessed he is in our family.


I love you!