Friday, February 27, 2009

Pins and Needles

I know that's what you've been waiting on for me to post about my appointment today.

Here's the scoop:

I wore a black shirt today......just in case.

Happy to report everything that went in the cup stayed there and did not try and decorate any other surfaces. Wahoo!

For the past few weeks a midwife in training has been doing the internal exams. Today my midwife did it.

I am 3cm and 40% effaced. Apparently the midwife in training is very generous with her measurements :P Hence the 70% effacement last week.

But at least I'm at 3cm

My midwife told me, "I am going to do a VERY aggressive check on you today to see if we can't get things moving along"

Boy did she ever!!!!!

He is still very high -2 station. But here's to hoping things get moving.

I'm still betting I'll make it to my due date.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


These next images might shock you. I am giving you fair warning that you need to wait at least 30 minutes after eating to view them

But they must be posted for documentation purposes. Scary as they are.

Here they are folks. My 38 week pregnant pictures. (photographer: Beckham)

Do you now see why I had such fluid/physics issues last week?

It has also come to my recent attention (when I downloaded these pictures ) that with my hair in a ponytail I look very much like a boy. A fat faced boy. Sigh.

Aw well, the rest of me if far from glamorous right now. I suppose it would be quite unfair to the rest of my body for my face and hair to look even half way decent.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Fluid and physics

Lets discuss physics and it's relation to bodily fluid.

If you are squeamish about either subject I suggest you find another blog to peruse today. But, you will miss a tale that is bound to bring a spark of hilarity to any dull dinner party you may attend.

You have been warned and counseled, now do as you wish.

First fluid. When a women gets the stage of pregnancy that I am at, it's all about the fluids. For today's discussion we will be mainly focusing on the urine variety. It is required upon all doctor visits for said women (Me) to give a sample of said fluid. While unpleasant earlier in pregnancy it is possible to aim and shoot into the cup, so to speak, and keep things relatively tidy.

This now brings us to physics. Fast forward to the same women, but make her 9 months pregnant. She hasn't seen her feet for awhile and yet they still are asking her to collect her fluid. It has now become a physical inability to do so. The line of vision is being cut off by her over-size basketball shaped belly. Her only hope is to hold the container in the general area of the fluid and hope that she gets lucky.

The usual result is that the fluid coats everything in that general area. You get the picture.

That was the same result I experienced today. Although I must add that I had gathered quite a large sample and was proud of my efforts despite the untidy method. And being the kind, thoughtful patient that I am I always try and wipe the container off before I put it in the little door for the nurses to test it so they are not totally grossed out by their job.

As I was being my thoughtful self the cup slipped, hit the edge of the sink, and emptied itself, almost entirely, on my white clothed protruding belly before it found its way to the floor decorating it as only a disturbed abstract artist could appreciate.

At first, I was upset. I had worked hard for that collection! It's not an easy thing to do to try and defy the laws of physics and yet I had succeed and had done well.

Then I looked in the mirror. I had managed to pee all over my belly.....above the belly button line. No other body parts came in contact. Just the belly, now stained yellow orange on my white shirt. I realized that was talent and burst out laughing. How could you not? Seriously. Pregnancy is so glamous any way why not accessorize.

I laughed as I mopped up the would be art project off the floor.

I laughed as I drenched my shirt trying to AT LEAST take the yellow hue out of it. Upon doing so I was reminded of the magical properties of a white shirt. When it gets wet it becomes transparent.

I then picked up the cup. Hooray! There were still 5 drops remaining! I proudly put those drops in the door, glanced at the now overly visible belly and walked outside to give the nurses something to laugh about for the rest of the day.

And laugh they did.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Dream

Beckham: Tennyson, one time I dreamed I flushed you down the toilet because I was blind. Dad and I saved you just in time before you went to the Ocean.

Kevin: Why were you blind?

B: Because I touched the sun.

K: So touching the sun will make you blind. Do you think it if you touched the sun it would burn you?

B: Yes. I think if I touched it, it would burn the whole city.

K: How would you reach the sun?

B: With a really high ladder.

K: How high would that ladder have to be?

B: 155 miles.

K: Where would you get such a ladder?

B: From the High Store Tall Ladder Shop.

You really can't argue with that kind of logic. Pretty sure you would lose.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We spent most of the day yesterday painting the kitchen and dinning room. By "we" I mean Kevin and my mom (thanks guys!). I adore the color! But am now overly paranoid that everyone else will hate it.

Is it bold. Yes.

Is that fitting of my personality and how I like to decorate. Yes.

So why worry now?

The color is called Surfer by Behr. Reminiscent of this color. Episode 614 photo #28. And it also looks a lot like this

We are pairing it with black and white accents which I think will bring everything all together.

I feel a bit protective of this color. Slightly like I do my children's names. My children have very unique names and therefore receive many different reactions when people first hear them. I like this color. It's cheery and it's unique but classy at the same time. But I am realistic in the fact that not everyone will be affected by it as I am.

Why is it that the only bold color allowed on the walls of a kitchen is red? Can't we be bold in the kitchen beyond red?

Is it really that scandalous?

Gasp! Her kitchen is making a statement in a non-reddish fashion. Quick, hurry, let's mock her taste in design.

I'm just not a neutral color kind of gal. Not that I mind neutrals. I am quite fond of them, but when color can be used I tend to take advantage of that.

Thankfully, Kevin has the same opinion as me. Love him for that! I guess I can only hope my home feels inviting to all despite my lack of tradition on the walls.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Here's the most recent Dr. update

I did NOT gain one single pound! (Hooray for small miracles)

I am still 1 cm dilated

But I am now 70% effaced.

I'm sure I'll still make it to my due date, but here's to hoping for my fastest labor yet!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One can change many

My aunt Kim died on the 9th.

It wasn't like any dying I'd ever seen. I did not witness her actually passing, but she has been "going" for awhile and was very open, honest, and inspiring about how she chose to go about it.

From my point of view, and it may have been extremely different for her family, it was almost like an ongoing graduation party. Yes, there were bodily fluids coming out of her in uncontrollable fashions, but it didn't seem to stop the over all feeling of excitement to see what her next adventure was to hold. And she tried very hard to have everyone feel that excitement with her.

I hope that is how I can be when it's my turn.

If you feel like a little inspiration of the make-you-want-to-live-your-life-better variety I suggest you head

Here, Here, Here, & Here

You will be glad you did.

Kim, I love you and am so grateful to have had you in my life. Oh! I'm still waiting for you to have this little boy of mine come visit me and tell me his name ;)

Because I'm pregnant

My hair won't work. Turns out it's because I'm pregnant.

I tried to get my hair colored and highlighted last Thursday. After 3 hours in the salon, the highlights were still orange. We were going for a more blond color.

On Saturday, I went back to have them dye over the orange, which by now had intensified. After 40 minutes of dark brown, we rinsed only to discover not all of the orange wanted to be hidden. Thankfully, it looks like we meant to do that----you know for depth and movement.

People have lost there sensor button. Turns out it's because I'm pregnant.

At the grocery store, I was repeatedly stopped by complete strangers so they could gasp in horror that I was walking around the store when it was SO obvious that the baby would make an appearance any second. When I kindly informed them that, Yes, I know I look like I should be having this baby soon, but I in fact have 4 weeks left, I got disbelieving stares. Of course no one can be THAT big and STILL be 4 weeks away.

I even had the produce guy stop and tell me his whole life story. I found out half way through that he's had half of his brain removed after an accident, which somewhat explained the random need to explain his existence to a stranger and his more than disturbing conclusion that when his wife was pregnant with their first, at 7 months they could no longer find a heart beat.

So, so, sad.

But WHY in the world are you telling ME that?!

Guess who did about a bigillion and a half fetal kick counts yesterday.

I am winded after coming up my staircase. I really hoping it's because I'm pregnant.

Kevin let's me take a lot of random naps. He's nice anyway, but he's extra nice when I'm pregnant.

I have decided to just be glad I look huge. It's the last time people aren't going to think it's because I'm not taking care of my body. It's because I'm pregnant.

Come on Big Mama. Let's see just how big you can really get!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The beginning of the end has begun

I had an appointment yesterday. Here's the low down.

#1. I now weigh more than I ever, ever have in my whole's kind of weirding me out and it's only going to get worse as the weeks go on.

#2. The baby has not entered the pelvic bone yet (not too worried about that---Tennyson never did until I started pushing)

#3. I am 1cm dilated and 50% effaced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST. NEWS. EVER.

I know, I know. I doesn't mean anything. I will still probably go over due. Although I have never started to dilate this early. ANYWAY. But just the fact that things have started towards the end is thrilling beyond measure.

We have confirmation that I will not be pregnant forever! WAHOO!

Now I just have to:

~finish painting Tennyson's big boy dresser
~finish the baby quilt
~buy a car seat ('cause it's illegal to bring a baby home with out's the little things)
~organize the two youngest boy's closets
~wash baby clothes (although I did just wash them and get them put away---so maybe....)
~finish painting the kitchen/dinning room

Whew. I'm tired just typing that list. But it can be done. And if it can't I guess I'll just be busy after the baby is born too. Although I'm thinking I should move buying the car seat up to a higher priority.

Let's just hope I get a super nesting boost for the next two weeks.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Counter productive

I'm still here ( I know. you've been up nights because I haven't been posting...sorry about that)

Just busy.

Well, I should be busy, but my body has decided to become counter productive. Instead of letting me sleep to renew my energy in order to accomplish my long list of tasks that need to get done before the baby comes, it has, instead decided that now is the time to start conditioning me to live on less sleep so I can be prepared to care for a newborn.

The average amount of sleep per night has dwindled to about 3-4 hours. Fun. Oh wait, no. No it's not.

Karaia ratted me out yesterday. We were all talking about our day around the dinner table when Karaia factually pointed out, " Mom, you didn't even move from the couch all day!" She wasn't being mean, just trying to paint a visual for Kevin.

It's a good thing she's cute.

It's also a good thing Kevin is understanding and just gives me a sympathetic look instead of judgement. I'm totally keeping him around.

I'm here. Just busy or asleep.