Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's all about the presentation

Our church is from 11-2. Because those are the hours of lunch we always feed the kids a snack lunch just before we leave.

Today Kevin asked Karaia if she would get the snack ready.

This is what she came up with.

All on her own.

I like how the apples are arranged around the edge and the meat is rolled.

She's a pretty amazing kid and has learned well that even the most simple of things can be amazing if presented well.


Chrissy said...

Do you guys watch the food network? Because Jake does the same thing after watching Iron Chef America! :) Although his presentations tend to run in a more abstract nouvelle cuisine sort of way, like a cheese stick sliced into squares and arranged in abstract geometric shapes with some pickles...

She did an awesome job. Isn't it nice when you can delegate some responsibilities to your children?

Sarah said...

Nice! Looks tasty too.

April Weeks said...

She IS amazing! I need some apples and cheese now, with pickles too.

Lawson Family said...

So cute that she took Kevn's request and went it to the next level!

my rebel took over said...

Wow Karaia, I am impressed! I would certainly eat that for lunch.