Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coming by it honestly

Remember that post a few weeks back, the History Repeating post? The post in which I made reference to Karaia's lack of grace at times? And even possibly alluded to the fact that this plight also seems to follow my sister? Remember that one? The one where I am pointing all these fingers?


Me too.

Yesterday, I was doing Thrusters at the gym. Thrusters involve taking a bar bell, putting weights on it, lifting it to your shoulder height, squating, and then as you stand from the squat quickly raising the bar bell over your head. We were supposed to be using as heavy of weights as we could and then work up to even heavier.

On this particular set I was lifting 75 lbs.

On my way up from the squat I brought the bar too close to my body. As I rushed the bar upward I hit the underside of my chin. As hard as I could. (No, not on purpose for those of you who momentarily became lost by the story)

I saw stars all over the place.

I literally felt my skull jiggle, like jello, like it does in cartoons when someone hits someone over the head while they are wearing a big stock pot as a hat.

Now every time I brush my hand by my chin I am reminded that it's time to start including myself among the people to laugh with when talking about clumsy moments :) And it seems that Karaia comes by her "skills" quite honestly.

Some sayings really are true. "When you point one finger at someone you have three pointing back at you."


Danica said...

Here's the difference... Karaia's clumsiness comes more often in everyday moments. Your clumsiness comes when doing extreme exercises that very few people even dare to perform. I bet it would be very entertaining to watch most people to the exercises you do. You are is Karaia. :)

Chrissy said...

I want to go on record (as I was there and watched it happen) that you handled it with as much grace and dignity as possible under the situation. I am glad you were clenching your teeth at the time, because as much as I love you, if you had bitten part of your tongue off I would have been worse than useless...

April Weeks said...

As I read this my mother instinct kicks in and I want to say " be careful, don't hurt yourself!" but then I know you are a grown women and know what you are doing and I see that you are very strong in many ways.

Lawson Family said...

I think it's too late for mothering words since you did, in fact, hurt yourself! :0)

One word: OUCH!