Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Somebody is a Daddy's boy.

Big time.

I am not allowed to help him in any away. (which isn't always a sad thing)

We talk about where Daddy is all day long.

We also talk about how I am not Daddy and how that is pretty much a crime.

It's cool.

There are three others who like me.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Science Experiment, Take 2

Emilie fell asleep around 8:30 tonight, so I'm filling in for her tonight.  I thought I'd give a real quick update on our second attempt at determining how fast the creek flows under the road.

On Friday I found a 8-10" long 2x6 board in the garage and painted it Home Depot Orange.  I drilled two holes in the  middle of it and threaded a strand of heavy duty jute twine through, then tied it off with a nice bowline knot.  I was pleased with it.  Emilie was not so sure.  I assured her it was strong enough and that we would not have a repeat of last week's failed experiment.  I even stood on the board and pulled up on the line as hard as I could to show her how strong it was.

When we got down to the creek the setup time was a lot shorter because of some of the lessons learned last week.  Lesson #1 don't stand on the line after tossing your "measurer" (Beckham's word) into the creek.  Lesson #2 leave Sanders strapped into the stroller so you don't have to tie up one hand holding on to him.  Lesson #3, know where to stand so you can get the best view.

Everyone was all set.  I dropped the board into the creek and it took off.  I waved at Emilie and got the timer started with only a slight delay.  Emilie waved back and I stopped the timer.  Then came the fun part.  I handed my phone to Karaia so I could go about "reeling in" the board.  The problem was it was fighting hard.  I figured it was stuck on something so I let out a little slack then started pulling again.  Then it freed itself up.  Or so I thought.  There was still a fair amount of pull on the line, but then Karaia started telling me that it had broken.  Apparently Emilie had been signaling to her from across the road.  Sure enough, the tension became less and less until I reeled in an empty line.  Just like last time.  Ugh.

Emilie said the board came shooting out of the culvert then promptly bee-lined it for a large-ish stick over to the side.  When I started pulling back it got caught in the stick.  As I was pulling then letting go a little the jute twine was rubbing on the stick.  As far as ropes and twines go, jute twine scores very low on the abrasion resistance scale.  Away it went.

Beckham and Emilie watched the board head down the creek and around the corner.  The creek crosses through three yards, then back under the road again before emptying into a small pond that mainly acts as a debris basin.  We decided to walk down to the pond to see if the board had made its way down there.  We had a nice walk around the pond, but didn't find the board.  We even drove by the pond a few more times throughout the rest of the day to take a peek.  We never found it.  It must have gotten stuck against some stick, rock, eddy, etc.  I can always paint a new board, but that one worked so well why roll the dice with another one.  Besides it was the line's fault we only got one shot at it not the board's.

And now the part you've all been waiting for, the results.  The board took about 5 seconds to travel under the road, give or take a half second, which equates to 18 feet per second or about 12 miles per hour.  Emilie and the kids were certain it was moving faster than that, but I was less convinced. You'll be happy to know that at a discharge of 25 cfs, 18 fps means only 1.38 sq ft of area are being used by the creek traveling under the road.  The culvert's total area is 12.5 sq ft so there's plenty of capacity left as long as the culvert doesn't clog up with debris.

I'd still like to try the "science experiment" again, but this time with actual rope.  Something strong that can handle a little rubbing against rocks and sticks.  I'd also like to try snagging the board out on the downstream side of the culvert with a golf ball retriever or something to avoid having to fight the creek all the way back up.  If anyone has any other good ideas I'd like to hear them.  We're pretty booked up until probably Thursday, so I'll have time to adjust my approach.

In the meantime, happy experimenting.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


This is going to be a good week. I've made a few decisions and it's helped me focus and find a bit more joy among the stress that I've been feeling! Hooray!

For now, I'll just be finishing my portfolios (I know, I'm frustrated their not done) and playing with the family. It's just nice to feel like I'm moving forward again.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Beckham is the proud owner of two missing front teeth today.

I won't lie and say I'm sad that they are both gone. The boy has had his fingers in his mouth every. single. time. I've. looked. at. him. for the past two weeks. He was determined to loosen them up.

Well, that's not true. He's only been working on one tooth. But when that one came out, the other one was literally just hanging there...crooked and side ways. So out it came too.

He's beyond thrilled.

Please ask him to tell you all about it the next time you see him. He loves a good story....especially one involving him :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Growing up

Tennyson has started reading!!!!

He's known his letter sounds for quite a few months now. But I decided it was time to be a bit more proactive in the reading department.

We bought the Bob series books that are designed for just this sort of occasion. He read through the first two books as if he has been reading for awhile...maybe he has.

He has been so excited to read with me every night with his "special" books.

Today in the car I decided to see how far his knowledge goes. I would spell simple, three letter, words and ask him what I was spelling. He was able to sound everything out and get them all right! Pretty good for not being able to see the letters written down!!!

Way to go Tennyson!

I have to document a little conversation we had at Costco the other day.

Tennyson saw a HUGE playground displayed. His eyes got wide and he exclaimed, "Mom! Look! Can we get that for my birthday?!?!"

"Oh, Tennyson, I would love to get that for your birthday, but it's too much money."

He thought about that for a moment before he asked, "Do we have too much money?"

Thank goodness "Too much money" isn't really a price ;)

OK kids you can chose anything that's "Too much money" or less.

he he he he

I adore my children.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Helping out

I got to help my friend clean her kitchen today. She is moving and that is such as stressful thing...especially the cleaning after you've already been packing.

I always enjoy spending time with Nicki. I don't plan on this being the end of a friendship. Just a friendship that takes a bit more coordinating to cultivate.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hope for the best...deal with what you get

I got my new computer on Monday! It's a pretty little thing. Well, maybe little is the wrong word as the screen is 23" HUGE!

It has way, WAY more memory than old computer has and a bunch of other awesome things that Kevin loves about it.

It's my mother's day present which means I am one lucky girl.

I've named it Lucy.

Lucy was purchased with the hopes of cutting down the amount of  time I spend on the computer designing. I am still trying to get the portfolios out and have quite a bit of work left to do.

The sad news is, while Lucy does run Illustrator a bit faster it's incapable of accessing all of the RAM available and STILL freezes, shuts down, takes forever to change something, gets slower the longer you have it open, or flat out goes on strike.

I've done my research and it wouldn't matter what computer I have. Illustrator cs4 will still have the same flaws. It looks like cs5 will also have the same problem. Something about needing 64bits and Illustrator only using 32bits.

Anyway, my balloon is deflated. BUT, I still have Lucy and she will be a TON better for everything else and I will just continue to practice my patience and time management when it comes to Illustrator.

Not bad qualities to get a lot of practical experience on....so I guess we can call this a win....kind of.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Science experiement

Kevin announced that after dinner we would be doing a science experiment. To which Karaia squealed, "YES! I LOVE science!"

We have a creek just down the street from our house. It travels down the mountain, runs under the road and then comes out the other side through a tunnel under the street. As far as water level, speed, and volume it is a record breaking year. Kevin has been studying all the statistics everyday for over a month now. He totally geeks out over stuff like this. It's pretty cute.

The experiment was in order to see if we could determine just how fast the water was speeding down the mountain.

Kevin asked the kids if they had any ideas of how to gather such information.

Karaia piped up, "The Internet!"

Beckham reasoned, "We should get a measurer, tie it to a string, throw it over the edge at the top, and see how long it takes until it comes out from under the road."

Um...hello? Aren't you only six?

As it turns out, that was the exact plan Kevin had already worked out.

He had tied some fishing bobbers onto fishing line and found a stop watch app for his phone.

We headed to the creek to discover it moving even faster and higher than we have ever seen it.

Karaia threw the bobbers over the edge while Beckham and I kept a watch at the bottom. It took a couple of time to get the throws just right.

Beckham and I had our eyes glued to the first spot beyond the tunnel.

To our disappointment the string broke, but only AFTER the bobbers had reached the other side undetected by the stalwart lookouts.

The only thing we can guess it that the water pushed it down and kept the bobbers under water as it traveled down hill.

The kids, and Kev, were truly disappointed.

I however got a cute family picture out of it....well two pictures that if you photoshopped some people from one and put it in the other it would be really cute.

Karaia lamented that the experiment was a fail. I explained that we didn't get the information we were looking for, but we still got information. I asked her what she thought that was.

"That the water is going REALLY fast."

Funny kids.

I can see more science experiments in the near future.

Perhaps this will be the Summer of Science.

Monday, May 23, 2011


I got some flowers planted between rain storms today.

Replanted a volunteer  miniature rose bush. It's not doing so hot. I hope it makes it.

Made a roast for dinner.

Painted the garage door...still black, just needed some touch ups.

Started painting Sanders' book shelf...and then it started to rain again.

AND my new computer came!!!!

Kevin is getting it all fancied up for me as we speak.

I can't wait!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A bit of a foreword and service

I've been thinking a lot about this little blog of mine. A lot about it being not so little in the possible future. That being said, I've been thinking about how to document and approach my everyday life.

I've concluded that anyone who spends any amount of time with me is going to find out that my religion, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is an integral part of my life. There are not many conversations I have where I don't mention being able to see the Lord's handiwork in my life. And that's with anyone, member or not.So why should my blog be any different, simply because there will possibly be a broader range of people who run across it?

I will continue to point out the miracles in my life as I see them and give thanks and credit to my Father in Heaven. This is His plan. I've decided to follow it long ago and yes, there may be prospective employers who read this. Or future fans of my fabric designs (Um.....that was the best sentence EVER to write!!!!!!) That's OK with me. They'd find out sooner rather than later anyway.

Now that that has been taken care of, on to today.

Kevin has worked hard all weekend. He got to help one set of friends get ready for concrete and another set of friends move.

The best part of all of this is how he felt before he actually made it over there. He just really felt like he would be of help and, in both cases, that proved to be right.

There is something about being able to help someone else that automatically make this world pretty amazing to live in.

He also received a new calling. He is now the 1st counselor of the Elders Quorum presidency. He was very happy to be continuing on in the EQ presidency as he felt like he still had some work to do.

There you have it. A real life glimpse into my life. But don't think for one second that I've ever given you anything else!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Catch up

I haven't been sleeping the past few days. Too much to think about. So I will be catching up tonight.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

True Love

Beckham told me yesterday, "Mom, I love you MORE than I don't like you!"

Well, thank you for that.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another Milestone

Tennyson had his End of Preschool program tonight.

He's our least predictable child. Which makes it super fun to go to a program he's involved in. We are guaranteed to be entertained!

It was so fun to have Nana, Grandma Candace, Belle, and Aliyah come watch too!

There was a LOT of this....

Perhaps he stuck something up there earlier. I don't know. I was using all the super mom eyes power I possessed trying to will his finger from his nasal opening with no luck.

But there was also a lot of this cuteness....

He had some good moves a wiggles. And a lot of fun with the songs. I could tell, even from where I was sitting, that he was using his silly voice to sing them. Funny kid.

Tennyson loved that it was HIS turn to be on stage. I was really impressed with how supportive Karaia and Beckham were. They both went up to him of their own design afterward and told him what a great job he did.

I've got a pretty good group of kiddos here.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today Beckham passed his end of level testing. Apparently he was extremely nervous that he wouldn't and was there for equally relieved when he did. Resulting in the glad tidings being announced to every new person we  happened across on our way out of the school building.

I happen to think it a very good thing for him to be nervous about tests every now and again.

I also found out today that I was very mistaken about the size of Paintbrush Studio. They are actually quite large, employ nearly 200 people in the U.S.A. in a 250,000 sq ft building and have a plant in Mexico as well.

And they want me.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today was rather quiet.

We had Evan (who will turn 3 in July) over for most of the day because his little brother was having surgery to place a shunt in his head. I know. We were anxious for this day to be over.

Good news is the surgery went fantastically!

AND Evan did just great at our house. He's a bit scared of one of the paintings I have of some flowers in a Japanese style. We don't know why, but he will NOT enter my home, or at the very least stay up stairs for any amount of time, if that picture is on the wall. Megs took it down when they dropped him off this morning, but all day long he would creep along the hallway, with his back to the wall, like a spy, poke his head away from the wall just far enough to see into the living room and check to see if the picture had somehow made it's way back. It was pretty funny.

Other than that he was calm and happy. No whining. No tears. From anyone really. Which actually made the day go sooooooo slowly.

Still, I needed a really slow day after last week. I'm grateful to get one.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Semi real life

We kind of got back into the swing of normal again.

Kind of.

Except the two younger boys are sick...again.

Ear infections, pink eye, and possible croup.


No worries, they are on heavy duty antibiotics.

I was designing a quilt in between taking care of them. Some of the manufacturers wanted to see my fabrics in a quilt. It's a fun process.

The quilt design is all done. I'm not 100% happy with the color choices, but I've sent it off to a master quilter for review and then we'll continue from there.

Oh, and Beckham doesn't have kindergarten all week.

So I guess things really were only semi-normal.

For those of you asking, I won't be putting up my designs on the old blog...too easy to be taken and used by someone else. I might be persuaded to send you an email with some of the designs, but only if you pinky double dog stand on your head and spit in your hand promise not to email them to anyone else. I can't promise anything, but I will think about it ;)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Exhale, more of Quilt Market

I think I may have been holding my breath the whole weekend.

Market is an amazing, overwhelming, incredible, terrifying, joyful experience.

It really was better than I could have dreamed.

The first time I showed my portfolio I was offered an in house design position with Art Gallery Fabrics. So I would design a line and instead of my name it would say, "By Art Gallery Fabrics." They did say there was potential to later on be a licensed designer for them, but as of yet, they had not done that. 

The second time I showed my portfolio I was offered a contract with Paintbrush Studio! I thought I heard wrong. That hardly happens any more. Usually what happens is, if they like your work, they will ask you to send them a portfolio and then their committee will decide if they would like to continue with you or not. It's months and months of waiting.

Then the third, forth, and fifth, showings all asked to be sent a portfolio.

I could not believe what was happening to me! Me. Emilie. With no formal training in art or textile design. Me with Big , HUGE, dreams that I thought were still so very far away.

They kept asking where I had trained. When I told them I was self taught they seemed surprised.

It was a very surreal, humbling experience.

I had to go into a bathroom stall and weep and give thanks to Heavenly Father for such an amazing day. I found myself tearing up as I walked down the long isles. I was so very grateful to be there and to have my work so well received.

There were a few companies, Westminster Fabric and Micheal Miller who were not looking at any designers at Market. That was a bit of a bummer. I guess I will always wonder what their response would have been.

Moda gave me a great compliment. They said I was very talented and that it reminded them very much of Kate Spain's work. They said if they had not signed her a few years ago they would sign me! I tell you what, I will take it!

In the Beginning Fabrics spent a great deal of time with my portfolio. Studying it and contemplating. In the end, they said they loved it and really would like to sign me up, but they  have two artists already who do similar work. 

Andover fabrics, P& B Textiles, Red Rooster Fabrics, Windham, RJR, and Henry & Glass all have requested portfolios.

I will also be sending portfolios to Westminster and Micheal Miller...you know...just to cover all the bases.  *wink*

At this point, I have a wonderfully hard decision. Do I go with the sure thing and sign with Paintbrush? OR do I wait to see if anything comes of the others?

Really, I am grateful to have THIS problem and not the problem of starting from the beginning.


I can't believe this is actually  happening!!!!!!

Oh, I met and got pictures with all my favorite designers, Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, and Joel Dewberry. They are beyond nice in person and I feel I really could live next door to every single one of them.

Since Blogger was having issues the other day and I was unable to post any pictures I will post them all now.

Shelley Detton's booth. I am very proud to have been a small part of this.

That's my garden bench I painted red for the booth

Shelley Detton, her booth, and me.
Anna Maria Horner, her booth, and me!
Amy Butler, her booth, and me!
Joel Dewberry, his booth, and me!!!

Joel Dewberry. I found out he lives in Perry, Ut. Who knew?
Isn't Shelley's booth incredible? She did such an astounding job. Can you believe she didn't have ANY of her fabric until 11 days before Market? I am still astounded that she was able to sew 4 quilts, 5 skirts, 2 tops, 2 slugs, 2 snakes, 5 bags, 4 pillows and a sign in that time. She did have some help with the quilts, but everything else was her. Such an inspiration.

I told Anna Maria I almost didn't come and say hi to her because, you know, she wouldn't care who I was. She said, "Are you kidding?!?!? You see this booth? This is WAY polished for me!" To which her daughter piped up, "Um, yeah. WAY polished!" Then we chatted for a few minutes more. Sigh. So nice.

THEN after all of that excitement I saw Megan from Brassy Apple walk by.

I went running after her and asked if she was indeed who I thought she was. She is. awesome. We took pictures together and lo and behold I am in a video on her blog today!!!! My picture comes at sec. 42.

Seriously. Who's life am I living? This is amazing.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Final day

Today was my last day at Market. It is still running through tomorrow, but, I won't be going.

I'm wiped out. It's a good kind of wiped out though.

I did have an offer on ther table, but there are others just waiting in the wings. Thats nice. Even better then I hoped.

More on this tomorrow. I'm going to go spend time with my husband.
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Friday, May 13, 2011

First official Quilt Market

OK, the thing is that I went to sleep at 3:00 am this morning and got up at 7:00 am. And then walked around in these awesome, totally cute, totally impractical high heals from 9:00 am until 7:00pm. I am beat and bruised, so very, very tired but very happy. I can't promise this post will be as amazing as the day was, but I wanted to document as much as this tired brain could.

Actually, no. I can't even begin. There is too much detail and I don't want it left out. I will say that Paintbrush studio offered me a contract! They were the second company I showed my portfolio to. The first company was also very interested, and wants to see a copy of my portfolio.

Paintbrush studio is a very small manufacturing company (Actually I found this to be untrue! Can we say, embarrassing?!!??!! Go to  May 18, the post entitled "Lessons" where I set it all straight.) That being said, they work with many of the Quilting magazines and often have a quilt in there. They have already talked to me about being responsible for the quilt for my designs that would go in the magazine!

I met with SO many companies today and feel very grateful that I was well received. I only had one company, Timeless Treasures, that said that they were going in a different direction than my designs. Such a blessing to get all this great feedback.

I'm sorry if this is coming across as really flat and emotionless. I am just so tired. I will tell you there have been tears of joy throughout most of the day (in corners and bathroom stales of course). I think I have just used up all my emotional reserve.

Also, it is just so surreal to be fulfilling part of this BIG dream. I can hardly wrap my brain around it.

Alright. I am too tired for any more details or analyzing....haven't I already said that? And yet I keep going.

There are details of the director of ALL of Quilt Market stopping me so she could compliment my outfit. Details of how warm and genuine Amy Butler's hugs are. Details of how real and next-door-neighbory Anna Maria Horner is. But I want to get all those details just right.

I have been trying to post pictures, but Blogger is doing system updates and having trauma....which is why they didn't post the post I published yesterday either. I'm hoping they haven't totally lost it, but we'll see.

I'm try and post some pictures to Facebook

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Um, holy cow!!!!!

A big thank you to the guest blogger! I pretty much got the best deal ever when I married him.

Do you want to see a bit of what I did yesterday?

Cute right!?!

OK, now on to today!

Well, today marked the day that I received the first of what I hope to be many Quilt Market badges. Cleared security and everything.*Que choir of angels*

Isn't Shelley cute! Don't mind my crazy eyes. That is only a quarter of what I was really feeling inside. I can't promise any cute pictures of me. I'm too excited to care. 

I walked among crates and crates of fabric and booth supplies. On the outside of these massive, 8 foot tall 10 foot long, wooden crates were HUGE black, stenciled names. Names like, Moda, Timeless, and many more. The really BIG companies had at least 8 of these huge boxes. I can't even imagine everything in them.

It was like walking through my own personal fairytale land. I've imagined this magical place for so. long. And now, I, little Emilie, get to be a part of it. I may not be playing a big role this year but in my dream of dreams, someday.......

I got to help Shelley start the set up of her booth. What a blessing Shelley is in my life. We've decided we were meant to be friends for so many different reasons. Her booth is darling. She has put so much work into it. I really want her to do very well.

So you may have noticed the pictures are, in a word, awful. The thing is, you CAN take pictures, but you should ask before you do. I'll do my best to document everything. I don't want to forget one. single. detail.

OH, Shelley saw Amy Butler! I didn't see her, but just knowing that I was in the same, gigantic, room as her gives me the giggles.

I also may have screamed a few times in my car on the ride home. Who are we kidding? I totally screamed!

Imagine. Me and Amy in the SAME room! Two years ago I never would have dared to believe that sentence could be true.

Dream big, my friends. Dream big!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guest Post #3

I think this is the 3rd Guest Post.  Doesn't matter.

Emilie has been busy all day long.  Her friend Shelley came in today to get ready for market and Emilie has been helping her with her final preparations.  They've been painting, chit-chatting, sharing, painting some more, and finally, did I say chit-chatting.  I can tell its been really good for Emilie to talk to someone who's done this all before and get a good feel for how things are going to go on Friday and Saturday.

There is still some work to do on Emilie's designs, but she's pretty confident she can get it all done in time.  I'm sure she will.  Anyway, we're coming down the home stretch now.  Only three more days until market.


Monday, May 9, 2011

I can already tell

I can already tell that I will be brain dead by the time I normally post for the day. So, best to get it done now while I still remember my name.

I am adding ONE more design to my line...I know. But it really is necessary to make it truly complete. While for most computers this would be accomplished in a short 30 minute time period, my computer likes to think about things before committing.

It's OK, because I am just grateful I have a computer.

I get to meet Shelley Detton for the first time tomorrow!! She is debuting her first line of Fabric, The Garden Club, at Spring Market. I get to help set up her booth and could not be happier about the whole situation.

We have been emailing for quite a few months now, but have never actually met. I'm sure she is not reading this post as she will most likely be scrambling to get everything ready for tomorrow, but if she is, I just want to re-tell her that I am a pile, dust bunny, kind of person. Someday I will be organized and every surface free of something that needs cleaning, but it's a work in progress. But she will be welcomed and celebrated!

Wish me luck, say a prayer, send good thoughts my way. I will use and need every last one of them.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Kevin and the kids did an amazing job making me feel loved, understood, and appreciated.

It started with sleeping in, breakfast in bed enough to feed 10 people, and some sock slippers and cards from the kids. The cards were my favorite because Karaia and Beckham are at ages when they can think of there own script and not just copy words. Karaia told me she loves me, "as bad as a volcano irupts." Awesome.

Kevin has decided I need a new computer so I can actually see him again because the one I use now to design is SO slow! Hooray!

Church was wonderful. I love our ward.

Then we were able to touch base with all three of our Mothers today to tell them we love them and are grateful they are in our lives.

I was able to show my designs to the Daly side of the family today. They were well received which does this little soul so much good. Art is very subjective and you just never know what people will think.

Kevin's aunt, well my aunt too...I'm going to claim you, ok Denise?...., was there. She is a quilter and a good one at that. She has a great deal of experience and an amazing talent for it. She loved the designs! It was nice to hear it from the exact market I would hope would like them. She also gave me a good suggestion and I think it is just the cherry on top for this fabric line.

I cannot believe Market is this week. It seems surreal. I have been thinking about this for over a year and now it's finally here! It's happening. It's real. And I get to be a part of it.

Not only that, I am loving the lessons my kids are learning watching me go through all of this. I hope they learn that ANY dream is possible no matter how big. But it will take work and faith and it won't be on your time line, it will be on the Lord's, but it's possible.

What better Mother's day gift could you ask for than that?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Home again

I was able to return to the gym again today after an 8 day absence.

It was wonderful.

Who knew I would turn into one of the "those" kind of people?

But I have, and I couldn't be more happy about it.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Almost there

I am SO close to being totally ready for Market.

Just a few more tweaks and then I'm ready to print. Tobi is going to help me put my portfolio together and I am so excited about all the ideas she has. It is going to look amazing and professional. That is her talent and I am happy to be the beneficiary of it's utilization!

I can't believe that Market is a week from today!!!!

I feel like no matter what happens next weekend I will be so much further on this journey than I am right now. I am so grateful that I've been allowed this opportunity and that I've had to work so very hard for it, but that I've also noticed and recognized how much I have been able to see my Heavenly Father's hand in the out come and timing of things. It's been a tender experience for me.


Just a warning, I may randomly scream for joy during the next week. Don't be alarmed. I'm OK. Just beyond excited.

Who knows, next Friday I could very well have pictures that include me and Amy Butler all in the same frame! Or Anna Maria Horner! Or Sandi Henderson! Or Heather Bailey!


See. I told you.

Random screams for joy all over the place.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

All is right with the world

Kevin came home this afternoon! A whole half hour earlier than expected! !

Which means I got a ton of projects started.

I also officially found out I have a ticket to Market! ! Thank you, Shelley!

This may very well happen, People.

Wow. Just wow.
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some lovely and not so lovely things

Wow. Are you as impressed with my title as I am? I thought so.

The lovely things are:

1) Kevin will be  home by 4 pm tomorrow!!! I totally thought he was going to be home closer to 9pm. Sweet!!

2) My designs are officially finished! I still am unsure of what I will name them. I swear it's just like naming a baby and I find that task very challenging.

3) For the first time since Saturday I was able to get out of the house for an hour. I kid you not. I had not sat my rear end in that van since Saturday night. Thank you mom!

Not so lovely:

1) Tennyson started eating today. HIP HIP HOORAY. His poor body looks so skeletal it's very unnerving. But because he started eating it all started coming out the other end....in liquid, putrid form. At one point he tried to clean himself up. YUCK! Sanders has had similar issues in that department today, not with cleaning himself up, but with liquid sludge coming out the back end.

I cannot tell you how many things got thrown away today because it would run, that's right the poop was beyond runny, out of the diaper and I was SO done with cleaning.

2) Because of project liquidation that apparently Tennyson and Sanders signed up for, I have had to restrict their diet to toast, applesauce, rice and bananas. We don't have any bananas. They didn't want rice and we are out of applesauce. So that left toast. I was their number one best friend today...oh wait...that was in my dream. The dream in which my children are making me lunch and begging me to eat more chocolate because I am too, too thin.

In reality, I'm pretty sure if Sanders could swear I would have heard some choice words come out of his mouth today.

Tennyson was pretty good about all the restrictions. He still took a four hour nap today, which tells me he's not 100% yet.

And that, my friends, is my day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On the mend

Tennyson, after throwing up a few more times this morning, was finally able to keep a few crackers down tonight!

It's a good thing too because that boy does not have any weight to lose. At this point he just looks Ethiopian and you can see his rib cage from the front and from the back. It will be full fat, with extra fat, sprinkled with a bit of fat on the top meals for him for the next few days.

I, on the other hand, have been self medicating with chocolate and sugar while Kev's been gone. Top that off with not being able to go work out and well....lets just say I'm looking and feeling the opposite of an Ethiopian. Ah well, I've gotten it off twice...this won't be anything but a hat trick.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Still sick

Tennyson is still sick. But he's still peeing. So that's good. He threw up a few more times today and slept a combined total of 7 hours today only to be complete zonked out by 7:30 tonight.

Sanders also took two naps today. That was wonderful because I was a walking zombie! Sanders didn't do much today either. He is losing liquid as well, but from the other end. Sigh.

I also was reminded how awesome my neighborhood and friends are. I had SO many offers for dinner and taking care of healthy kids so I could sleep, and so much more. It's hard but nice to be on the receiving end of service. It always reminds me how much I really enjoy giving service, especially when I have such a personal reminder, like today, at how much it it can change a persons day.

Only 3 more sleeps until Kev gets home. Only 11 more days until Market. I feel slightly, OK maybe a smidge more than slightly, anxious that I will get everything done.

11 days and I'll find out which cross road I will be taking. The road to debuting my own line in the Fall or the road where I try even harder at Fall market but this time armed with experience. Either one I feel like will be further than I am right now. Both have such amazing potential. I'm excited to see where I belong!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I'm typing with one hand. Mr. T can only keep fluids down for about zero-point-not-at-all seconds.

Going on 17 hours of throwing up. He is even waking up to throw up. Or more accuratley, twisting his stomach inside out to squeeze whatever resembles any kind of liquid no matter how small an amount. But he is still peeing, which is good..I just can't imagine where it's coming from though.

I wish there was a tattoo that showed up on a child's head letting you know, without doubt, when they needed to be taken to the dr. kind of like how the symbol was hidden on the old school transformers and yo I had to put your finger over it to find out if they were good or evil.

As it is I guess I will just be praying, worrying, and wishing Kev was home to help make this decision.

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