Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sanders is TWO!

Today, two years ago, I gave birth to our last child.

Two years.

It seems so short and so long all wrapped up into one.

When I said, "Happy Birthday, Sanders! It's your birthday today!"

Sanders said, "Choo choo? Cake?"

I had told him I would make him a train cake for his birthday a few days ago. That kid has got a pretty good memory.

We gave him a drill set today. He loved it!
How can your heart NOT burst just looking at that smile. Love that kid!

Sanders, you are my little buddy. You always come running to hug my legs from where ever you are in the house the second you hear me come home if I've been away.

You narrate all of your play...just so I won't miss what happened. You make sure I "get" all the funny parts and go as far to reenact them and say, "Eee dat?" (see that?) just in case I did miss something.

You love to walk, dance, and eat silly. Getting your older siblings to laugh at you is a daily goal.

Trains are your personal favorite items right now. But you'll take anything with wheels.

You're obsessed with trying to "schedule" things for me on our white board calendar and get very upset when I tell you no.

Even meal preparation finds you right by my side, up on the "ool" (Stool) next to the cutting board, commenting on my technique, ingredients used, and offering to be the official taste tester.

You are also obsessed with water. When I need to prepare dinner by myself, I'll turn a little trickle of water on in the kitchen sink, give you a spoon, a few measuring cups and a bowl and you tune out the rest of the world. 

Your dearest friend in the whole world is Rhyse. You call her Ree and speak of her and her "how" (house) many times a day. Every night when you are asked what your happy thing was that day you say, "Ree how!!!!!" (Rhyse's house) even when you have not seen her that day.

You've started speaking sentences now and it's so fun to hear how you view the world. You are doing so well in that area and learn new words and phrases every day.

You love big and you play big. We always know what mood you are in happy or sad.

There is so much joy when you are around. I love you more than I can express.

Happy Birthday, Sanders!


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