Friday, October 30, 2009


He's almost home. Almost.

Kev's been gone for a week in D.C. for work. At this point things of this nature are old news around here. Still, the last day is always a struggle for me.

This week has gone very smoothly. There have been very few tears from either me or the kids. That is saying something. We've canned apples sauce, I was able to help at Karaia's school Halloween party, and all in all we've done well.

I had grand plans for today. I wanted to finish two projects I've been working on and finish the last of the laundry. Well, the laundry got started, but has yet to be switched and the only 3/4 full basket sits untouched as well.

As for the projects......I am just too tired. This happens every time. The Wall.

We as women, and especially, moms are amazing creatures capable of amazing feats that defy most reason. We can work without getting tired if that is what the situation calls for. We can be patient beyond what we thought our capabilities if that is what is for the best. But sooner or later we hit a mental and physical wall. For me that comes when I know the end of this Mommy-hood triathlon, consisting of the morning shift, the lunch shift, and the night shift, is nearing and it will soon become a relay race in which I am partnered with my favorite guy.

I told the kids at dinner tonight that I was extremly tired and it was in everyone's best interest that they remembered their manners to which Karaia commented, "Mom, you've been "extreamley tired EVERY night!" I explained to her it is because I am used to having more than one adult around and that they had been having trouble getting along today (Karaia didn't have any school) and fighting kids is hard on a mom. I'm not sure she was convinced that was the reason.

So all day today, the clock ticked as slow as I have ever seen it and things still remained undone. I just couldn't hurdle The Wall. I sat really close to it and committed that any second now I was going to find a new burst of strength and rejuvenation and tear right over it. Nope. Never happened.

Ah well. He's almost home.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

7 months, well almost 8

(Technically this is Sanders' 6 month shot, but I just love the picture so much!)

I really should wait and post a 7 and 8 month post all in one, but I have this weird thing about me that I feel the need to post in order. Basically, that means an 8 month post is, hopefully, just a few days away.

Sanders turned 7 months on Oct. 2. It has gone by so fast. I know every mother says that, but it still remains true.

He is a happy little guy.

At 7 months he had two teeth and could sit up really well. He had FINALLY figured out the whole eating thing and is now a champ. He does prefer the sweet tastes to the veggies, but we just have a bowl of each and alternate.

Sanders adores his siblings and loves for them to play with him. They are very good and looking out for him and have thrilled at watching him learn new things.

A few weeks ago he started clapping. Consequently, he now keeps a beat with his little chubby hands whenever he gets a chance.

No signing yet, but he is communicating more. My guess is it will be a few more months. He is not crawling, but prefers to roll where ever he desires nearly break his little arm off every time he goes from his back to his belly.

His eyes are decidedly hazel. Some days more brown, sometimes more blue or green, but always a mixture of the three.

Most people tell me he is Beckham Jr. but there are those who think he looks just like Karaia. Obviously, Tennyson is in his own category.

We love our Sanders!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Transformed to 5!

Beckham turned 5 on September 23!!!

Can you say Way behind on blogging!

I knew it was coming up but we had so many things right before it, the triathlon and Yellowstone, that it kind of crept up on me.

Plus, just after the trips we took he started Pre-school again on September 22. He was so excited to FINALLY get to go to school again.

He is a bit disappointed, however, as am I, that his teacher hasn't given him any homework. He lamented, " Mom, she doesn't give out any homework and that just isn't fair to the kids who want homework!" I am purposely writing that one down so that I can prove to him in the teen years that at one point he actually begged for homework.

His birthday was on a Wednesday and the plan was to have the extended family party on Monday night and then focus on, and plan, his friend birthday party the following Saturday. As I was getting ready to design the invitations the week before the friend party Beckham discovered it was not to be on his ACTUAL birthday. He was so sad and puppy-dogged face about this fact that, as a mom, I could do nothing else but hurry and change the date of the party.

Because of the shortness of time, and the fact that I had been planning on having the rest of the week to plan, things became a bit more stressful.

The family party came with lots of loved ones being able to attend and Beckham feeling special. Just as he should. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it, and to those who I know would have liked to be there.

Tuesday was spent in planning what we were going to do the next day with 9 children ages 4 to 5, with me being the only adult. Beckham had requested a transformers party and luckily there is no shortage of fun things out there on that subject.

I didn't want the party to look thrown together because I wanted Beckham to feel loved and not like an afterthought. So I tried to be as creative as possible on such short time.

I taped a plastic table cloth to the floor and then ran crape paper from the corners to the ceiling to create a little room for the party guests to gather.

As we waited for everyone to arrive I had them color a transformer.

This worked out really well, and got everyone excited for the theme.

Next we headed outside and informed them the Decepticons had stolen the ergon. As Autobots they had to complete an obstacle course in order to retrieve it.

It was so funny! By the end all of them were cheering for the last few "Autobots" to finish.

After tying a balloon to each ankle that got to the job of trying to pop each other's balloons without getting their own popped in the process. Some kids liked this more than others. Beckham and his friend Megan tied for the winners.

We headed inside for Transformer bingo. I had all the prizes laid out on the table.

The kids loved helping each other find the right picture and especially enjoyed being able to pick out a prize. Of course everyone got everything as these were also the party favors they got to take home.

I had planned for Transformers memory game, but we had too much fun with bingo and had to skip on to presents and ice cream and......


By then the moms had started to show up.

If pictures are any indicator......

......then I think we can all the party was a huge success!

I can't decided if I enjoy the quick planning better than planning for a few weeks. With this party the stress only lasted 24 hours rather than weeks and It was my most successful party. probably was just a fluke so I better not plan on it.

For his birthday he got a red, two-wheeled scooter. None of this three-wheeled scooter variety for him, no sir. We also got him some pads and gloves. He wore those gloves everywhere for a week!

I don't know what we would do with out our Beckham. He keeps us on our toes and in stitches (thankfully of the laughter kind and not the medical...yet). He can be so, so tender and so, so stubborn all in the same second. He has a thirst for knowledge and has shown many signs of leadership. We love this little, big guy and are SO glad he was born!!!

Happy Birthday Beckham!!!!!

Love, Mom

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's coming

I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth. But my next two posts are super important for my little family and require pictures. For some reason I always procrastinate doing the posts with pictures.

It must be that it takes more time. Still, people like posts with pictures. That is just how it is.

I wish I could upload more than five at a time, however.

Anyway, soon, soon soon........