Monday, March 14, 2011

It's a love/hate thing

You ready for the reveal I promised WEEKS ago?

Thought so.

First a little background. I found this little beauty at DI for $40.


And I was in love. I love the lines and all the little details. Like the cute bun feet and the routered edge on the top. It was pretty solid, sure the color was awful, but that could be changed. It was exactly what I was looking for seeing as our TV, dvd player, cable box and wii were all sitting on our old coffee table.

It took to prime and paint this little lady. Then I decided to add a glaze to accent all the awesome detail. HATED the glazing, so I had to repaint. Kevin and I replaced the old, ripped cardboard backing

with bead board and she was done!


But as we were getting ready to put everything back together we realized our TV was just a little too deep. That meant either cutting out a hole in the back or having it stick out over the edge by 2 inches. We chose the hole.

Then the dvd's don't fit properly.

The whole piece sagged just a bit in the middle. Add a TV that is front heavy and now it sags a lot in the middle. That translates to the doors needing to be hung crooked in order to shut, the shelves won't fit back were they belong because the walls are no longer square and to op the two side doors you have to push up the middle with you hands just to get enough clearance.

But she is SO pretty. I loved how the painting turned out. But the functionality? That's a definite hate.

It makes it worse that I spent so. much. time. Sigh.

At least it's nice to look at. 

My favorite part is the bead board. I can look at that stuff all day long and still get warm fuzzies because of it.


Tobi said...

I think it is beautiful! I love the bead board too! You are absolutely amazing!

Chrissy said...

I love the bead board too. I am sorry it didn't work exactly the way you wanted it to, but it looks amazing!

Brianna said...

It is pretty... ;)

Lawson Family said...

Man, you sing the song of an honest DIY-er. Nothing ever goes according to plan and there are always more than one hiccup through the process. You would never know looking at it...if that makes you feel any better! :0)

Kade and Katie said...

em, it looks so pretty! we have the same problem with the heavy tv, doors won't close....sigh! if you brace the inside where the bottom doors are and place another "bun" of some sort at the bottom, even middle underneath where you can't see, your doors should adjust and close again. you just have to span the space on the bottom in the two doors and it should be a LOVE all around. confused? call me, i'll explain what i'm trying to say. not that you and kevin haven't already thought all this through, i'm sure this is not a new solution.

April Weeks said...

It really looks great, and like Katie said another bun foot in the middle should take care of the "sag" which isn't that noticeable visually.

It's great that you aren't afraid of a little hard work. It paid off.

my rebel took over said...

Wow! Very impressive! I love bead board too. The console we have our TV on is white from IKEA and it has bead board just like that. Love it! Of course I paid much more for mine! (And with IKEA there are also no guarantees that the doors will hang goes with the price).