Monday, December 31, 2007

The job that was no more

On Friday, Dec. 28, Kevin decided he'd had enough of a job that was not heading in the direction we wanted, OK, it wasn't heading in ANY direction. So he quit. That's right. We are officially unemployed.

Surprisingly, we feel amazing about our new financial situation. While we should be stressed and terrified we feel joyful and calm. I have never seen Kevin, well, the only word for it is giddy. He is nearly skipping everywhere he goes. A huge weight has definitely been lifted. I would say that's a sign that he made the right choice.

We have 6 weeks of survival saved up. Oh, and I have a plethora of dried peas and beans that I am striving at becoming an expert in fixing in an edible manner. So if you suddenly have a craving for beans, come our way. I'm sure I can fix something to make your mouth water.....if not your eyes.

Kevin had a second interview last week we will hear about sometime this week. Hopefully Wednesday. Until then please send me all your dried bean recipes. It's time to get creative!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Four Days before Christmas

Twas four days before Christmas, parties start to bring mirth.
We have one on each evening 'til we celebrate His birth.

The first night we travel to be with the Whites.
The second night in Bountiful, to Nana's delight.
The third night brings candy cane cookies wrapped in our mouths.
That are famously made at Grandma-great Cathy's Holladay house.
The forth night, well actually it's held in the day,
Will send us to Bear River with cousins to play.

And when we come home we"ll have one sleep until,
The kids wake us quite early, "You're in your bed still?!"
"Mom, Dad, wake up quick. We can't wait any more!"
We'll roll over, still tired from "helping" Santa until four.

They'll whip off our covers and jump on our bed
And I'll gently remind them to first bow their heads,
So that we may remember what this day really means.
The Savior, His birth, and the salvation it brings.

I hope that the children, so lively and quick,
Will hold in their hearts that it's MORE than St. Nick.
While the parties are starting, bringing fun with each night,
May our hearts be focused on the joy of His light.

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My baby

Happy Birthday Karaia!!!!!

My baby turned 5 today. FIVE!

All day long I kept recalling five years ago. I seemed to be able to relive every moment of that day. I remembered what time I was being admitted into the hospital. And at 4:50 pm I leaned over to you with joy and love and told you," In 8 minutes you are officially going to turn 5!" You looked at me, rolled your eyes and declared, "Mom, I'm already 5." I just hugged you tight and watched the minutes creep closer to 4:58. I remember your birth. It was magic. And all of the sudden, I was a mom............a mom.

As that time came and past, I began to recount all your time on this earth. You are amazing!

::You are so smart. You have been right from the start. You have been reading for more than a month and as long as I don't ask you to preform you really love it.

::You are beautiful and grow more so everyday.

::You are a wonderful sister, just as I hoped you would be.

::Your imagination astounds me. You told me the other day, "Maybe we are all just in a story and somebody is reading about us right now."

:: You have astounding artistic abilities and you love experimenting with colors.

:: You have very good pitch for a 5 year old and can remember words and melodies to very long songs after only hearing them an handful of times.

::You are a soccer champ. 5 goals in one game 15 total in the fall season and this was your first season!

::You love to dress up and be a princess. Some days I wish we could tone down the diva part that comes with the princess, but mostly I love that you feel good about yourself and you KNOW you are from royal birth.

::You adore fashion and love to dress yourself. And I let you. I just make sure everyone knows it's your own unique style.

::You are a great helper and LOVE to help me with dinner.

::I've never seen a 5 year old make a bed as well as you do. I can't even make it that well.

::You are very thoughtful and always make sure to hug and kiss everyone who leaves as if it's the last time you'll see them. I hope that is something you will always do.

::You LOVE your hair to be curly.

::And I challenge anyone to remember a time recently when they have NOT seen you with your chapstick or lip gloss, which you always correct me that it's, "lipstick" because you are all grown-up.

Most of all, I remembered how I first loved you and could not have imagined being able to love you more, but I do. I've had a wonderful time being your mom. You have taught me patience (apparently I still need more lessons because you keep giving them to me) and kindness and unconditional love and forgiveness. Things Jesus taught. Thank you for enriching my life. Happy Birthday, Sweetie.

Love, Your Mom

Monday, December 17, 2007

Mom I e sree

It is just after 10am and already the events of the morning make me want to sell some of my children and go back to bed for a day.

Karaia has been sent to her room multiple times already. Mostly for choosing not do what I've asked her resulting in many askings on my part. Finally at 9:30 I think we've conquered the growth adjustment for the day. She tells me she is hungry for breakfast now. I tell her, "Great. Go choose what you would like and I'll be right back." I head off to the bathroom.

Karaia has finished choosing her meal and is occupying her time until I am available by playing the piano. Meanwhile, I have flushed.......OH NO!!!! The HORROR!!!!!!! Some previous user ( I suspect a male older than 3) had failed to ensure everything went down as it should resulting in a back up. YUCK. GAG. Human waste everywhere!!! Then I hear the scream.

Beckham wanted to cultivate his musical talent as well and tried to push his way onto the piano. Karaia decided that physical prowess was the best method of deterring said pesky brother from ruining her working master piece.

I'm ankle high in watered down feces when the fight breaks out. All I can do is tell them to go in their rooms. Yet again, because I am so dirty (gag) I don't even want to be me (shudder) at the moment.

Fast forward a half hour later. Karaia came up and handed me a paper that looks like this:


"Read it, Mom."

"Mom, I e ..... Can you help me?

"Mom, I am sorry for the consequences. Um..... I don't know what the rest of the words mean. See I sounded out Sorry. S-R-E-E. I'm sorry, Mom."

We hugged. And said our I love yous. I'm pretty proud of her for trying make amends. Lets hope things remain on this path and all yuckiness, spiritual and other wise, remain out of sight and off my person. I must go take another shower now. GAG.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holy night

I went out with my sister-in-law, Emily. Emily and I have children who are the same age and very similar temperaments. It is always very lovely to get together with her and scheme about possible plans of child rearing that will teach life lessons, gospel standards, and, on occasion, if one of our "angel" children have been particularly devilish that week, good ol' fashion torture.

She invited me to go to A Christmas Carol at The Hale Centre Theatre. It was by far the best production I have seen in a long time! The special effects where amazing. They even had real snow falling from the sky. The actors did a fantastic job and I was completely lost in the show.
It is a very thought provoking story. It is now on my list of things I MUST read soon. And as the show progressed, Emily pointed out that they used hymns to dictate the mood. It really brought home the fact that Jesus is and should be our main focus, always, but especially this time of year. Merry or sad. I think Charles Dickens did the world such good by reminding us of Christ's love, and that we must share that love with all, in such an entertaining, thoughtful way.

As I hold my new little boy my mind is far away in a time long gone when another little boy entered this world in less than hygienic conditions. What love the Father must have for us to subject His little boy to such conditions. And by the same note, what love Christ has for us to agree to that.

I wrap my arms around my little boy, I feel the love of one fresh from above. One who was recently in the presence of whom we celebrate. I feel His love and I am blessed.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mere Technicalities

We had family night at Candace's (Kevin's mom) house. She was having Beckham ask us some questions regarding the birth of Christ. Where was He born? Who was his mom? After every correct answer we were rewarded with a, "Good!" He was very proud of our fast knowledge of the First Night.
Then came the question of who Jesus' dad was. Pappa (My step-dad, Dave) answered Joseph. Beckham started to provide the encouraging reward, but we reminded him that Jesus' dad is Heavenly Father. As a perplexed look spread across Beckham's face as he tried to comprehend how this was possible, since in every Nativity Scene it is Joseph standing beside Mary and not Heavenly Father, someone clarified, "Joseph was Jesus' guardian. " Still not convinced of Joseph's "new" proposed role he declared, "Right. He was his Guardie Dad."

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Did you know?

I picked Beckham up from my mom's, Nana's, house. He was watching a movie when I got there so I was informed we had to wait. When we finally left, I asked him what they did.

Beckham: We read a book.

Me: Which book?

Beckham: The Grinch

Me: And THEN you got to watch the Grinch movie? Wow that's pretty lucky.

Beckham: Yup. They're pretty appertoad.

Me: Appertoad? What does that mean?

Beckham: It means they are the same. You know, appertoad.

Me: Oh. (giggle)

When we got home, I asked him where he got that word. He stated as if it was common knowledge to all well versed individuals, "It's a new word. Just like New York."

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Princess and the Boy

The day started out with a brilliant storm.

One by one the princesses arrived. We held Karaia's friend birthday on Dec. 1st.
We ended up having 11 girls. Crazy. Yes. Fun. Absolutely!

Of course I w
as wise enough to call in reinforcements. My mother-in-law Candace and my sister-in-law Dancia graciously helped out. I couldn't have done it without them. Thank you!

My other sister-in-law thought the party started an hour earlier and ended up vacuuming and cleaning my bathroom. If that isn't love I don't know what is. Thank you, Emily!

The party started out with the decorating of princess hats. Which really is a must have for all princess parties. Then we moved on to what I thought was going to be a very fun game involving Vaseline and cotton balls. I forgot however that the age of 5 is the age of the beginning of vanity and none of the little girls would willing apply Vaseline on the ends of their noses just for a games sake. So we swapped the Vaseline for spoons and they had a wonderful time.

Next the cake. I decided to make a castle cake this year. It was created out of 4 cakes. We still have about one whole cake left. The girls loved it though. Especially Karaia which is all that matters.
After cake came the presents. Karaia got some lovely gifts and has really enjoyed the new entertainment. As well as her mom.

Beckham had a hard time because it was a girl party and he was not invited. I tried to remind him that Karaia did not get invited to his either. THEN when all the presents were f
or her and none for him, it was just about a melt down. He kept telling Karaia she was supposed to share. such hard lessons when you are 3.

Karaia officially turns 5 Dec. 18th. I can't believe I have been a mother for 5 years and
in the same breath I can't believe it's ONLY been 5 years. I wouldn't trade it for the world, but I would accept a child free vacation should anyone be in the market to get rid of one.

A new voice

Tennyson was an amazing newborn. He really never cried. He still doesn't really cry. He's found something he thinks is much better. Screaming. He screams when he's really happy. He screams when you aren't paying attention to him. And on occasion if you fail to hear the your-not-paying-attention-to-me screams, he will really scream.

It is SO loud that even my noisy 3 and 4 year old have started to tell him to please be quiet. And he likes that they're talking to him so much that he screams to encourage them to continue.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Deck the halls

We decorated the tree on Tuesday. The kids were beyond excited. They were very good helpers. We turned on some Christmas music instantly flooding our new home with what will be cherished memories of our first Christmas here.

Tennyson liked trying his new (OK almost new) mad sitting skills.

Beckham asks me 5 times EVERY day if it's Christmas yet. I tell you what, using Santa as a means by which to, um, encourage, my children to be obedient is like an early gift.

On a silly note, look who found his tongue today. I don't think it ever saw the inside of his mouth. Personally, I think he's just practicing for his Christmas solo Fa La La La La....

.....LA LA
.....LA LA!!!!
Look out Gene Simmons!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Beckham woke up in the middle of the night. As I was tucking him back in bed he got chatty.

"Mom? What is Heavenly Father's last name?"

"Um..I'm not sure that He has one. You'll have to ask Him when you see Him."

"When I go to Heaven?"


"I think it's Mossby."

"Oh...OK then. Goodnight"

And as I'm walking out the door trying to stifle my impending laughter I can hear Beckham saying to himself, "I think when I ask Him He's goin' say,"Why yes, my last name is Mossby.""
So now you know.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Beyond this

I know being a mom is the most important thing in the world, but tonight I wish I had more creative outlets. Play dough and coloring books aren't filling the need. Secretly, I wish I were Oprah. How amazing would that be to be able to change and help, in HUGE ways, anyone you desire!

The catch is, right now my kids are small. I know other women can do both, but for me, I know I am a better mom if I limit the number of "projects" I have going. This I know. And right now, my kids come first. Still.......tonight I long to be creative and inspirational to someone older than 5.