Sunday, March 13, 2011


For a few weeks now I have been feeling a change coming. A good change.

I'm not sure what the change will be. I know what I hope it is, but I can't plan on that. That is just asking to be stuffed into my fluffy robe, surrounded by chocolate, watching chick flicks and forming a close relationship with a couple boxes of tissues when it doesn't happen as I "plan."

Whatever is coming is a good change. It's happy and light.

I feel prepared. I am ready.

I'm excited. It's almost here. Whatever it is. And I. cannot. wait!


Tobi said...

I'm kind of hoping the change has to do with a certain house that is for sale on your street. If not, I might stop by later. I'll bring my own tissues.

Russon said...

You've got me curious!! I might be calling you soon!

April Weeks said...

Me too! curious that is.

Emilie said...

I don't have any more idea what the change could be than you :)

I'm hoping it has to do with fabric, but I really have no idea.

It's just a feeling.