Thursday, March 24, 2011


Sometimes I wonder just how responsible my children are when I am not around.

I got a clue this morning.

Karaia and Beckham had walked to school. A trek that they make nearly every day. About 20 minutes after they left I got a call from Karaia, who was using the crossing guard's phone.

"Hi Mom. This is Karaia. Um....I have something to tell you."

"Hi Karaia. Ok, what's up?"

"I lost Beckham.......I thought we were going the wrong way, but Beckham said we weren't so he went one way and I went the other and now I don't know where he is."

"OK. I will come find him. Thank you for telling me. I am proud of you."

I really was. That was probably a really hard phone call to make. ( I know it's always going to be trouble when she starts out saying, "I have something to tell you.") PLUS it proves that she actually does care about Beckham's welfare despite her valiant efforts to convince us otherwise.

I loaded the two little guys in the van, almost positive that I would find Beckham sitting in his class, blissfully unaware that he is lost. That boy has built in GPS. He always has.

Ten minutes later I got another call from Karaia.

"Mom, Beckham's not lost anymore! He was in his class the WHOLE time.", she giggled "But I thought I would call and tell you that because I was like, Mom is going to be looking ALL over for Beckham and getting scared and I didn't want that to happen. So I thought I would call you and tell you Beckham was in his class."

Even though the choice they made to separate was NOT a responsible choice I just LOVE that I got a little glimpse into Karaia's mind and really how much she cares for her little brother. It does this mom's heart good!

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