Friday, March 25, 2011

Mama's Boy

Sanders is a mama's boy.

Most of the time it's cute...except for when it's not.

He always wants me to play, "baba hoo" --basketball hoop

Me to get his food.

Me to sit next to him.

He can hear me come home from anywhere in the house and he will come running to give me a HUGE hug. Then he takes me by the hand and presents me to every single member of the family with an excited, "Mama home!!!!"

He likes me enough that he will now put himself in timeout if I tell him to. He hangs his little head and walks himself to his room to sit on a chair until I come and talk to him about why he is in time out.

That is a definite benefit of having a Mama's boy.

He likes to do whatever I am doing, or at least watch me doing it.


A little bit more space when I need to, um, have some personal bathroom time would be a most welcome change.

I'm hoping that maybe he is just studying up on how to potty train himself.


Lawson Family said...

This sounds oh so familar to Davis. I almost get excited when he goes off to make a mess of something because that means he left my side! Good things these boys are cute! :0)

Colle said...

How cute, most of the time. I am not any of my kids favorite but I am the only one they ask to do anything for them.

Brianna said...

He is your last, and hear these are the types of things you miss once they are gone... so I guess just try and enjoy your bathroom buddy. ;)

my rebel took over said...

I'm convinced that hearing the bathroom door shut is a trigger in a little person's mind to signal their bladder that they must use the toilet NOW! I don't think I have successfully used the bathroom alone since they could walk (ok, since we removed the gates). Not to mention taking a shower uninterupted. Wouldn't that be nice!