Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sporkhead & Wiggly

As Kevin was tucking Beckham into bed last night he learned some new, crucial, information.

"Dad, my new name is Sporkhead."

"Really. Where did you hear that?"

"I made it up. That's my neeeeew name."


"Just because."

"Goodnight, Sporkhead."

This morning Beckham introduced himself to Sanders,

"Good morning. I'm Sporkhead. Sporkhead Beckham K---- D---. We're going to call you Wiggly because you are wiggly. Wiggly Sanders J---- D---."

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Two Wheeler

Did you know that two wheelers are different than bikes that have training wheels. Apparently, they are entirely a different kind of bike even if the two wheeler previously had training wheels on it two seconds ago.

Is anyone surprised to find out this logic comes from Beckham? I thought not.

On Thursday, May14, Beckham came running in to inform me that he had learned to ride a two wheeler.

"What?!?!?! I missed you learning how to ride without your training wheels?"

"Mom, it's OK. Just come outside and I'll do it again."

I was still a little bit sad I had missed the big event, but it was my fault. His training wheel kept falling off always at various friends houses. The moms would let me know it had fallen off and they had quickly put it on but it need to be tightened with tools. I kept forgetting and Beckham would go merrily on his way only to have it fall off again.

On Thursday, when Beckham was over at his friend Megan's house, it fell off again only this time they couldn't find the bolt. Megan's mom asked Beckham if he wanted to try and ride it without the training wheels. He did not. That is not a surprising first reponse for him considering that he had been telling Kev that he would try when he was 6 or 7.

Megan said she would like to try. After Megan gave it a shot it turns out Beckham was not willing to be shown up by a girl and hopped on. Megan's mom tells me it only took about three tries before he was on his way.

He loves it.

I love it too. He wakes up, does all his chores before he comes up for breakfast, and is out the door to ride his "two wheeler" before 8 am only stopping for lunch and dinner.

Way to go Beckham!

Paying money

Our poor Grandpa Jim crashed his "ride" and got himself a really nice boo-boo. Karaia, being the caring girl that she is told me,

"Mom, I am going to make Grandpa a card. And do you know the OTHER really, really, nice thing I am going to do?"

At this point she brings her hand from behind her back exposing $2 in quarters

"I'm going to pay him!"

"Oh, Honey, he doesn't want your money."

"Yes, he does."

"He won't take it."

"Yes, he will."

"He won't. He doesn't want you to give him money he wants to spend money on you."

"It's nice and he wants it."

Somehow I talked he out of it, but she still has the idea in her brain.

I found out tonight I have strep throat. Nice. I waited too long to go see the doctor and now have to take 2 pills in the morning and 2 and night and have been ordered to get lots of rest ( I tried to remind him I have an 11 week old and three other ankle bitters) and to stay home until Thursday. Once again, nice.

Karaia told Kevin she was going to make me a card and just so I could get better even faster she was going to put money in it.

Monday, May 4, 2009

How to know you are officially a morther of four

So, how does one know they are officially the mother of four, disregarding the obvious method of a head count?

The "mother" can calmly listen to the two younger children screaming in their rooms just so she is able to finish food while it retains some vague resemblance of warmth.......

.........AND.....I'm there.