Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's a hit

I am back on the diet, as you know.

The kids have expressed that me eating different food then they do at dinner time takes away from the bonding we are trying to so many words, of course.

My main objective in ALL of this is to be healthy. Healthy in body, healthy in spirit, healthy in mind. If this aspect of  my getting healthy is effecting the kids' health things need to be tweaked.

So tweak I did.

Tonight I made the kids what I was having for dinner, plus a starch. We had steaks, steamed broccoli, and for the kids, (we had to eat before Kevin got home because Karaia and Beckham had a school program at 6:30pm and he was just going to meet us there) some mashed potatoes.

They were thrilled.

Especially, Tennyson who is our resident carnivore of all meats that are red.

Around here, we like to eat our steaks with A-1 sauce. The kids beg for it. And would bath in it if permitted. You can bet that if there has been that magic red sauce used during dinner, at some point you will hear Kevin or I plead, "Please don't lick your plate!" At which point they get up from the table, take their plate toward the sink....licking it the whole way in substitution for the pre-dishwasher rinse.

At the end of dinner, Tennyson and I were the last ones at the table as Mr. T went around and ate any left over steak he could find. After he had eaten his last A-1 coated piece he said,

"Mom, I love A-1 sauce. It's a hit!"

"A hit?"

"Yes. When my friends come over I'm going to show them the A-1 sauce and tell them it's a hit! A hit like on the game, Battleship....A1....a hit!"

Here I was thinking he was turning out to be the next food critic, and getting nervous about up coming reviews from him, when in reality it was a case of Battleship on the brain.


Lawson Family said...

What a funny train of thought!

Amy said...

You should submit that to A1 sauce..that's commercial quality right there.

Danica said...

I think he is a great food critic. His analogy of it being a Battleship...A1...a hit, is perfect. He puts things in a new perspective that relates to his peers and expresses the desire to share it with them.