Thursday, March 31, 2011

Could have been

I entered 3 contest/competitions recently.

Two of those competitions announced the winner or finalists today.

In these two, I felt I had a real chance of winning. Not just some random number generator. No, it was based off of skill.

It wasn't to be.

One of them was a competition with the grand prize as your own fabric line. I know, right! You could only enter in one design. From there they (the contest judges) would narrow it down to 75 semi-finalists, then have open voting. The top 10 with the most votes would continue on, eventually coming down to one winner.

They had a very specific topic for your single entry: Baby boy designs.

So I entered something that I would have LOVED to have found when searching to decorate my boy's nursery. Geometric, non-animal, non-motorized vehicle, non-toy, non-juvenile type designs. Guess what? Every semi-finalist has an animal, motorized vehicle, toy, or something that clearly defines it as meant for a nursery incorporated into it's design.

I know that's what people think of when they think of baby boys, but seriously? Can we not think beyond the box a little? They have sophisticated designs for baby girls....why not baby boys?

But it's OK. There is still Market. And I've worked really, REALLY hard to get this far. I kind of want to see how I'll do there.

I know you are all curious about what the finalists designs look like, so here they are

The second contest was a craft contest. I was very proud of my craft. And it still did well. It came 3rd. First prize was $1002 and I think I may have been spending it subconsciously. But I did win $100 and am thrilled about that! Plus, I know the winner and it's easy for me to be happy for her wins so that is a bonus!

The third contest winner will be announced tomorrow.

Hmmm....I think I'll wait and share that tomorrow. I don't want to jinx anything. I don't have a very good track record with winning today and I need all the superstitious help I can get *wink*


Lawson Family said...

When one door shuts... :0)

I'm sure you'll look back at all of this and see the growth and the necessary things you learned from all of these "almost" kind of moments. I know you really want to share with the world your talents, but you are fabulous no matter what the take home prize is!

my rebel took over said...

Will you share the design you submitted with us? It sounds like something I would like. I looked at the designs and I wasn't overly impressed with them. None of them are bad, of course, but there was a whole lot of the same I thought.

Danica said...

I wasn't very excited about any of the fabrics I saw also. Congratulations on your 3rd place craft win! That's exciting. I want to see it when I come over tonight.