Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We start them early around here

Grandma Candace has a pretty cool job. She is a lobbyist. I know most everyone knows what a lobbyist is, or at least has some vague idea, but do you actually know someone who is a lobbyist?

The benefit of this, among other things, is that our kids have the opportunity to learn the inner workings of politics at a early age.

Once a year, during the session, I try and take the kids up to visit grandma at her office, the Capitol. The older two are starting to really look forward to this day. The added perk for Karaia came when she entered first grade last year. Grandma's rule is, once you are in first grade you get to spend the day with her...all by yourself...without your parents. Awesome.

Today was that day. Karaia was excited! Beckham was excited and also practicing his future lobbying skills as he kept trying to convince everyone, in a round about way, that he should also be allowed to stay because he can read 5th grade books and he's only in Kindergarten. Tennyson and Sanders were just happy to go on a field trip.

Sanders LOVED the size of the Capitol building. He walked with his head tilted up for the first 15 minutes. That is until he realized that tall ceilings usually come with HUGE amounts of space to walk...er....I mean....run. He was pretty good. As good as a two year old can reasonably be expected to be with that much space to play in.

Tennyson loved all of the pictures and all of the stairs. I think he would have gone up and down the stairs more if we had let him. He was very good and stayed right by us. 

We got to meet a lot of Grandma's friends and have lunch with her. Kevin was able to join us as well. We also got to sit in the House and the Senate. Karaia and Beckham had a lot of questions this year about each branch. I'm excited for them to start really understanding how things work.

After lunch I took the boys home and Karaia got to stay. I am told she even got to run Thank You notes for grandma all. by. herself. and that she was the model of good behavior. 

It was perfect.

Well, not perfect, because I forgot my camera, but almost perfect.

Thank you for a fun day, Candace!


Tobi said...

So jealous! Politics is an area where I am lacking in the kid teaching department. However, we are trying to learn the national anthem. :)

my rebel took over said...

Fun! Harland's sister works for Senator Hatch in D.C. and we take advantage of her ability to get us inside tours and such. I like hearing the inside scoop of what's going on down there!