Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We left for Yellowstone from Bear Lake, the day following the triathlon. We had wanted to swing by the Periodic Spring in Wyoming.

It was a beautiful little hike and Karaia and Beckham proved to be well acclimated to short hikes. Tennyson, however, either got distracted by every rock or his little legs moved a bit too slow. Kev ended up carrying Sanders while I trailed behind with Mr. T trying to convince him to let me carry him on my shoulders.

The stream was gorgeous and a unique thing to witness the water all of the sudden increase in volume. Here is a picture when the water level was down.

And when it had returned.

From there we headed to meet my dad and Emma, Meghan, Alex, and Evan, Emily, Ryan, Morgan, and Brooklyn, Jenny, and Emma's brother Scott and his wife Melanie at this amazing cabin. The cabin is located about an hour away from West Yellowstone. It was right on the river and had a theater room, a pool table, hot tub, ping pong, and air hockey. Not to mention the fantastic beds and great kitchen. Room for all!

Can you see the river in the background? Nice.

The next day we made our way to Yellowstone. This is the only "family" picture I took.

Karaia and Beckham were up ahead with cousins.

The kids loved the geysers, especially Tennyson.

Waiting for Old Faithful

We got to see Old Faithful erupt three times and after the first time Tennyson was convinced that EVERY geyser was Old Faithful. Sanders was a trooper as always. He is such an easy baby to take places.

Toward the end of the day Beckham's legs were too tired to walk anymore so he came up with a great idea. He sat in the umbrella stroller and then held Tennyson on his lap. It made for one heavy stroller load for me to push, but the kids enjoyed themselves.

We had a wonderful time and think we would like to go back in a few years.

The next day we hung out at the cabin, played in the river, and just relaxed.

Can you see the cabin in the background?

I love vacations like that!

Second Tri

I can't remember what Kevin said last year just before I was to start my first ever triathlon, but one verbal chiding led to another and it soon became clear that he either enter the triathlon the following year or forever be a yellow bellied chicken.

Or something like that.

The details are fuzzy.

Fast forward to September 12, 2009 where I found myself attending the Bear Lake Brawl Triathlon for the second time. This year, however, I did not compete ( I really am using the word "compete" loosely here). Kevin did. Along with my BFF, Tobi (who if you remember competed the same triathlon I did last year), and her brother.

He was nervous. But he had trained well. The swim caught him completely off guard although he has done open water swims before. The wetsuit he was wearing was a bit too small making him feel like he was choking and not allowing him to relax.

I have a picture of him coming out from the swim but......I'm pretty sure he will love me more if I don't post it.

With such an unexpected start I think he went into the bike portion a little bit apprehensive, but he more than made up for any time lost. He rocked the bike!

The run was the part he was looking forward to the very least, but after the swim, he didn't mind so much.

He didn't get the time he wanted but he is happy to say," I completed a triathlon and no thank you I don't think I'll do another one, but I would love to take up biking."

We are very proud of him. Those races are never easy.

Way to go Kev!

Friday, September 18, 2009

If you do this then.....

Kevin went down to remind the kids they were supposed to be reading, not talking to each other. He found Beckham in Karaia's room and when reminded of the current standing order Beckham declared that he was just waiting for Karaia to give him a certain book.

Kevin told Beckham to head back into his room and he would talk with Karaia. When he turned Karaia teenagerly said, "Here. Give this to Beckham." as she extended a book to Kevin.

"Karaia, I'm not going to give that to Beckham. Especially if you ask me that way."

Karaia's angelic face came out in full force saying, " If you give that to Beckham, I'll give you this!" With that she whipped out her hand from her lap producing a shiny new quarter between her thumb and index finger. Her eyes a glow from the obvious killer deal she was offering her dad. Seriously. Who could resist?

"Nice try. Go to bed."

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


When I am pregnant my rib cage has to spread in order to accommodate the girth of my pregnant belly. It is as painful as it sounds. To add to the pain, because the rib cage is so wide and my guts are pushed up so high to allow for the baby, at times, when I bend, my internal organs get trapped between the outside of my ribs and my skin......or so it feels to me.

I have had that same pain for the last few weeks. Including the gut trapping bending.

No, I am not pregnant. I've peed on the stick two times now just to be sure because we all know the Big Man upstairs has a sense of humor and I'm known for being fun to tease. That and the fact that I have been unabashedly announcing that we are 100% done adding to our family. It is like I'm setting myself up for something like that.

That being said, what the heck!

I am in so much pain by the end of the night. Tonight I reach over my head and burst into tears from the pain of what I can only describe as someone throwing my stomach against my ribs, only my stomach was made of cement with pieces of sharp glass on the surface.

It doesn't hurt to laugh, meaning they are not broken. What they are exactly I do not have the answer.

Maybe it is just my ribs coming back together?

I hope it is over soon. I'd like to be able to twist and bend again without fear of causing internal bleeding.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big scary adventure

Have you ever been so passionate about an idea that you can't sleep, you constantly obsess over every possible outcome, you want it to come to life so bad but it feels so daunting and unobtainable, but you've got to try?

Well that's where I am.

Right at the beginning of the most exciting, exhilarating, scare-the-spit-out-of-you, adventures. I have seriously been weepy for the past two days either because I'm thinking about how amazing it will be if I can actually make this work or because I'm terrified that even after my best efforts this dream will remain unrealized.

I'm not ready to spill the beans just yet, not here anyway.....I know mean right? But I really wanted to document how I felt in the beginning. Just. In. Case. It's the failing thing that is holding me back. If I put it out there and then this things fizzles before I even get started I fear it will just add salt to the wound. Be patient. I promise as soon as ANYTHING becomes concrete I will divulge the course of my adventure and bring you along with me for all the ups and downs.

Until then just pray for open doors.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

6 months

Sanders turned 6 months September 2. I seriously cannot believe he has been with us that long. He is going to be one before I know it.

His stats are:

16.8 lbs 37%
27.5 in 84%
Head 42%

Holy cow! This kid is growing like a weed! I've never had such a tall kid. Karaia was always around the 75% but never got quite this long this fast.

His eye color is still undetermined. They aren't blue enough to say they are blue, but they aren't brown enough to say they are brown. In fact, one eye consistantly has more brown in it that the other. The jury is still out. Next time you see him feel free to cast your vote.

What a difference two months makes. Look at how much more hair his has!

Not to mention that fact that as of a week ago he is now sitting independantly and can roll both ways.

He is a cheerful little guy and is quick with a smile. He is still figuring out solid food and so far prefers to just hold the food in his mouth. He doesn't spit it out, but he doesn't swallow it either. It just sits there until he collects enough saliva and then he naturally swallows causing him to have the surprise of his life at the unexpected taste! It's hilarious.

We couldn't imagine our lives without him. He brings so much happiness to our home and completes our little family.

In other news look what I did to his crib!



The orange came out a bit darker than I was planning, but the more I live with it the more I like it!

There is just something about walking into that room and seeing a cute, fat, happy baby in a cute, happy orange crib.

Surprisingly it's very calming.

Cheerful, but calm.

Just like Sanders.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9 years, a week, and a few days

On August 24 Kevin and I celebrated our 9Th anniversary!

We didn't do much, or anything really. But don't feel bad. We had a good reason. Plus, honestly, just hanging out with each other is just as nice as doing something together. That's all we need. It was a lovely day.

We are saving up for the Big One next year. And I wanted to tuck away anything we would have thought about spending this year for next year.

What are we doing? Well, I've told you before, but it was awhile ago.

We are going to Europe!

I am unbelievably excited!!!

The air fare is already paid for. My mom found a place in Paris for $96 a WEEK. Yes, that's right, People. You read it correctly.... A WEEK.

We are still looking around for lodgings in London, but we have awhile still. Until September 2010 that is. We want to go during the Off Season.

We will spend 3 days in London and 3 days in Paris!

Le Sigh.


Paris is for me. I plan on being my desired size by then so I can buy a cute little couture dress from some sweet little dress shop. And look amazing.

London is for Kevin. That's where they play all the best football (soccer) games you know.

The perfect vacation with the perfect boy.

It is quite an impossibility to feel anymore joy over this subject.

So if you see me smiling with a far off look on my face, you'll know why.