Saturday, February 12, 2011


We were busy little bees around here today.

Starting off with a 7:15am (on a Saturday mind you) workout. My last work out before my final weigh in on Monday. I. am. SO. nervous!!!

After that, Kev went and helped a friend move, I stayed home and  held down the fort.

Around 10:30 I began to tackle a refinishing project that has been sitting in my living room for over a month. It only cost me $40 and it will cost just about that same number in man hours to get it looking pretty.

Kev headed outside because it was beautiful today. He took the kids with him so I could paint/ prime with no interruptions. The kids, especially Sanders, had the best time riding bikes and chasing balls.

He decided to fix the gap in our garage door. It wasn't level and didn't meet the ground by about 2 1/2 inches on the right side. Allowing wind and rodents the size of squirrels to enter, uninvited, our  garage. YUCK -OLA!

He had to peel back the rubber seal on the bottom and use shims to get it level. Notice the BIG difference in how many shims he used? The shims will get painted black when it's a little warmer.

Around 1 pm he was done and I was still painting and by painting I mean priming.

After lunch he hung up a broom/mop organizer....hip, hip HOORAY! I adore organized things. I really, really do. I am just not organized naturally so it takes me a little while to get there.

Beckham was his little helper all day. He did such a good job all day helping both of us and doing what he was asked without whining one time that around 3:30 he earned being able to play the Wii until he got sick of it or it was dinner time. Yup. He made it until dinner. Easy.

I FINALLY finished priming at about 5:30pm. (that was with very few interruptions--it's a huge project) It really is going to be so lovely, but it's going to take some effort first.

Hopefully, I will be able to show a full reveal the middle of next week.

The floor is swept, the kids are bathed, scriptures are read, the blog is posted and I am ready for a bath and a good book.


Chrissy said...

Man, you and the mysterious posts! I really want to see what you are working on. :)

Skye L. said...

Excited to see the final product!

Tobi said...

I should have hired you to refinish my table. I probably would have saved money (at least time money) instead of redoing it four times! And it would have turned out better. Can't wait to see the reveal!

Lawson Family said...

We all read your post everyday, it's not like you need the suspense to get us to come back. Shows us alreay! :0) I kid.

I love days like the one you described. When you accomplish so much, but yet still enjoy your family and have time in the night for a little R&R. Way to go Daly family!