Friday, April 1, 2011


 What does it mean when you walk into the kitchen and see this......

.......and this.......

 .....and this?

It means that you have a TOO independent, HUNGRY three year old.

He even moved the dirty pot that was on the stove (don't judge---housework and I have not been speaking to each other this week) to the sink and then got this nice clean pot from the cupboard by himself. 

Thankfully, I heard the pasta being poured into the pot when I did because he was reaching to turn on the stove just as I turned the corner!!!

No worries. We've had a discussion about the appropriate age you need to be before you can turn on the stove yourself AND about quantity vs how many mouths you are going to feed. Just because we HAVE four boxes of Mac n' cheese does not mean we need to make all four boxes at once if only two kids will be eating it.

We also had a talk about how proud I am that he is trying to do things on his own, but maybe let me be there the first time :)


Later today Tennyson told me, "Mom, I was saying bathroom words in the bathroom!"

Me: *blink* *blink* "Bathroom words?"

"Yeah, Mrs. Karen says we should only say bathroom words in the bathroom."

"Like what?"

He got a really embarrassed/excited look, you know the one when a kid is just about to say something they know they aren't supposed to say but it's funny to them anyway, and said in a whisper "Poop and pee. Poop. Pee. *giggle* Pee. Poo."

It was too funny!

PS: I was not the winner of the contest I mentioned yesterday. It was a radio contest for a trip to be in London during the royal wedding. I am really not surprised. But a girl has got to have dreams

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Chrissy said...

Love it when they learn the bathroom word. At least he was saying them in the right place. :)