Sunday, February 20, 2011

History repeating

As  a little girl I would get in trouble for laughing/making fun of my little sister, Meghan for her clumsiness. She was always tripping, falling, running into things, i.e. walls, knocking things over even when she was more than 3 feet away from them, etc. At the time, it was hilarious!

She admits that she has never fully out grown this quality and she is reminded of it nearly daily.

It seem it is genetic.

Karaia too can fell things with only a glance. We always know where she is. She is the one accompanied by the sound of things dropping, or crashing, or thudding. Therefore we can be assured that a life of crime as a thief is mostly not something she would be successful at even if it was her career of choice. Hooray for the silver lining.

While this characteristic can be frustrating and cause me to find myself saying, "Just pay a bit more attention to wear your body is." multiple times a day, if America's Funniest Home Videos is to be believed it is also the source of a lot of laughs. Thankfully, Karaia is usually the first one laughing. Because she is just awesome like that.

Today she came out of the bathroom, leaned against the couch and ottoman to watch the boys play the Wii, and in mere seconds had managed to poke her own eye with her own finger. As she explains it, what she was leaning against was not entirely stable....because she has the gift of making things unstable even when they usually are quite stable.

I looked at her, not entirely certain that I had really just seen what I saw and said, "Did you just poke your eye?"

"Yeah", she giggled with a huge grin.

As I laughed with her I offered my condolences, "Well, I'm glad you can still see....not that it would change things much if you couldn't."

"I know" she smiled.

At least she owns it.

That's my kind of girl!

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Megs said...

She's got my kind of skills. What can I say...we're a special kind of breed :)