Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Review and Goals

Here we are again, January 1st.

Looking back on last year there have been some super highs and some things I like to, and thankfully can, change. The number one thing is this blog.

The truth is as much of a pain in the rear it was to write something everyday in 2011, at the end of 2012 I am really sad how much I did not document the simple everyday, potentially boring, beyond exciting parts of my and my family's life.

So, every day is back! Are you excited? I hope so because this year I will be doing things I have never ever done. Lucky for me, and you (?), I'm an open book and I'll be sharing a bunch of things you probably don't care about and hopefully somethings that will make your day brighter and us better friends. I know. Don't pretend you didn't just do the happy dance. I felt it ;)

I reviewed my goals for last year. I only completed one.  It was a HUGE one that I thought I was going to have on my goal list for many, many more years. I am so grateful to be on this side of signing a contract. However, the other two were more important. Truthfully, I'd totally forgotten that I'd even made them.

The check your temperature one is better. I am actively working on it. There are slip ups, but I have found ways to disengage the emotion and just parent. It will be a life long goal, which is not a bad thing.

Reading the Book of Mormon as a family every day. Why is this SO hard?!?!?!?! I love reading that book. I am baffled why I have failed to integrate it into our family routine.

Taking everything into consideration here are my personal 2013 goals and my word for the year (my design web site is thiiiiiiiiiiis close to be up and running. I will do goals for my designs on that site)

1: Make more dinners for my family. While my family is soooooooo supportive of all my creative endeavors and actually cheer when I say we are having cold cereal for dinner (except Karaia) I know they will appreciate more.....well, just MORE...on that front. The goal is at least 4 dinners a week. I know some of you are wondering what we will eat the other days, frankly, I am too, but I am not perfect in this area and I want to give myself a chance at success. In the meantime, if this goal is making you hyperventilate, and you feel the need to save me and my family, I would be more than happy to entertain how you make making dinner work.

2: Get the family on a chore schedule. I have mentioned multiple times how NOT on a chore schedule we are. Our house is never truly dirty, but it is often....let's say "lived in". While I don't truly mind all of the clutter because we do have a lot of fun in our home and do play a lot of games and things other than chores, I think there is room to improve.

3: Laugh more. A WHOLE lot more. I really don't think my children will remember how many nights a week I make dinner or even how tightly run the house is, but they WILL remember how much we laughed. Maybe we will have a stand-up comedy night every month where we all write our own jokes. Who knows. I just know I'm making this one happen!

4: Integrate the Book of Mormon into my family's routine. I CAN do this! 

My word for the year is REACH

It means a lot of different things. Reach out to others, Reach deep down into who I am, Reach my children in a way they feel it the most, Reach just beyond my comfort zone, Reach to grow, Reach to be who I was meant to be.

And finally, because I really want to document more of the everyday that goes on around here, Sanders said today, "Mom, I like T-Rex dinosaurs.  But I really want to calm them down!"

Funny kid.


Chrissy said...

Seriously, do you think anyone would believe we didn't plan this? It must be genetics or something! ;)

Colle said...

yes I am so excited to read your blog everyday. I love it! I have a hard time getting my family to read the Book of Mormon everyday also, we start out strong but fizzle. Good Luck!

Ellis said...

I am excited you are going to post more again this year...honestly I really do think it is what made us such good friends so it makes me happy to get more details about you even though we live so close.

The truth about dinner success is planning. If you plan dinners and shop for them so you have the stuff on hand and a list of things to make then dinner is possible!!

It's time to make those job charts! What do you need to finish them? Get the stuff and we'll get together and get them done it will make ALL the difference!!

Taking time to stop and play even just for a moment will help you all laugh more and enjoy life as it happens...LOVE THIS GOAL!!

This year we have been getting everyone up a tiny bit earlier to sit on the couch and read the Book of Mormon and have family prayer before anything else. It has worked great for us this year to get up and going with a success first thing...in years past we had our prayer in the car read a scripture in the car on the way to school which isn't much but it is something and everyone is all there ready to listen which is often half the battle.

EXCITED to see you REACH you are AMAZING already just think what you can/will become!! Love Ya My Friend!

April Weeks said...

YEAH and YIPPEE and thank you!

Tobi said...

So excited! Your daily blog posts are what I was missing in my life last year!

And I LOVE your word for the year!

Brianna said...

I am excited to see you post every day again!! I only wish I had your commitment level to do it myself... ;)