Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I play indoor soccer. That's kind of weird for me to be able to say that. Until last year I had never officially played any kind of soccer. I know all the rules and I like to watch a good game, but I had just never played.

We aren't a very good team. In fact, we have never won. But I love the calories burn I get and we are improving every week. We almost won tonight.

Right now we are trying to choose a new team name. Here are some options we've thrown out:

Calories Chasers
Multiple Scoregasims (Hilarious, but I blush thinking about telling people our team name)
0fers (but we are going to win soon!)
Gonna Be's
Formally In Shape Allstate

And the list continues. I wonder if we will ever decided.

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Colle said...

Good luck with that name situation. So guess what I play on competition dodge ball team. I am horrible but it is so fun. Every week when I go to my game it reminds me of our dodgeball days in elementary.