Sunday, January 27, 2013


We had a relatively restful Sunday. Sanders was sick so I stayed home with him. We watched shows and napped until the rest of the family got home from church.

The afternoon was peaceful and we all just puttered around playing games and just being together. Beckham had a few spiritual questions and it was nice to be able to encourage and support him in finding his own answers without feeling rushed. It was a hard conversation, but the best things usually come from the hard parts.

Normally, on Sundays, we will go to someone's house for dinner. But it snowed a ton today and was still snowing as it grew closer to the evening that dinner was cancelled.

So, I tried my hand at making a healthy version of a monte cristo sandwich. Everyone except Tennyson loved them.

Then Kevin and they older two went out to shovel and the littler ones and I played a game, read a book, and then I tucked them in for the night.

I need actual restful Sunday like this more often. I feel much more prepared for the week.

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