Thursday, January 24, 2013

No longer a Cackin

My 3 year old is nearly 4.

That sentence could also read, my youngest baby is nearly 4.

That's just weird.

And a little sad.

But still very weird to think about.

The really sad thing is that Sanders' cute mispronunciations are slowly disappearing.  I discovered today that  instead of his usual, endearing, "Cackin"  as in, "Today I get to be cackin at pre-school!!!" Or, "I want to watch Cackin Hook please!" It's been replace with, "Catan" and even occasionally, gasp, "Captian"!

He still is holding strong to one of my other favorite of Sanders' words though:

Smarshmellows = Marshmellows

I also get the giggles when he tells me we, "Must do that!"

"Mom, so and so went to the zoo. We must do that!"

I love this little guy!

   PS does he look like Beckham in that 2nd picture or what?


Chrissy said...

He is pretty adorable. :) I feel for you on the sadness of watching that last little one hit those milestones. It just hurts a tiny bit more than with your older kids.

Tobi said...

Colin says smarshmellows too! Love it!