Sunday, January 13, 2013

Time outs

Poor Tennyson spent the majority of his day in one time out or another. He has been super sneaky and doing things and getting things we have told him he is not supposed to do or have.


I'm not sure how to get through to him.

We often find hidden, forbidden items in his room with him.

Yesterday, under his pillow, we found a bag of candy, a bag of chocolates, and a bag of pretzels. I'm sure they were stockpiled for when we tell him it is WAY to early to get up and have breakfast.

We've decided a new approach for that subject. If he can be quiet and not get into things he knows he shouldn't we have told him he is welcome to have breakfast when ever he wakes up and then quietly turn on the T.V. He may then watch it until 7:00 am.

We are hoping this will let him feel more in control of his own life and therefore be more willing to follow our directions in other areas.

He's a good kid, I just want to see that good a little more ;)

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