Thursday, January 31, 2013

Crying, hugs, and dinner

At one point today I was crying, well more of a sobbing, because of child's choices that seem to be happening and it's very draining.

I thought I was crying fairly discreetly in the corner and had pulled myself together enough to make Sanders lunch. I should never forget how much little eyes and ears notice.

As I was standing by the fridge Sanders ran from the table and gave me the biggest hug and wouldn't let go until it seeped in my heart and forced out a smile.

He said, "I thought I should give you a hug. So I did." What a tender moment.

He told his sibling as they came home, "I thought I should give mom a hug! " He was so excited to share his good deed with his family. It was exactly what I had needed too.

Today was so trying that I didn't even want my mom over to help with laundry. I just wanted to be able to focus on that certain child's actions and really help them and that's hard to do any time, but especially when there are other people around.

Mom, didn't let that stop her from serving. She brought dinner over and it was just what I needed to help the night run smoothly.

I heard part of that child's prayer tonight, "Heavenly Father I really am trying." It was such a relief and a blessing to know they wanted the change as well. We can move forward as a team.

My visiting teachers also came over tonight. I cried about my day with them. Their visit was just perfect timing and they helped me remember I'm not failing because I am trying.

Everyone should have that reminder now and again.

Heavenly Father is so mindful of my little life. Look at how much goodness and love came out of a really hard day.


April Weeks said...

He is very mindful! I wanted to suggest you read your Patriarchical blessing again. I believe there is something in there about being the mother to some very special children...and very special children need to have a very special mother of which you are one. I love you to the MOON!

Ellis said...