Friday, January 25, 2013

School lunch

Because of the ice rain school delayed starting for two hours. They cancelled afternoon kindergarten and spread the word that morning kindergarten would be there during lunch time so please be sure to provide them with some money or pack a home lunch.

To watch him after he heard the news, you would have thought I had just told Tennyson it was Christmas morning again! He was so excited.

When I picked him up that's all he could talk about or remember about the day. He felt like such a big kid.

Kevin is a good, sweet, dad and that was the first thing he asked Tennyson about when he walked in the door.

I love the expression on both their faces and the fact that in some cases Tennyson is blurry.

Because he just could contain how amazing eating at the school made him feel.

What a wonderful moment to capture.

1 comment:

April Weeks said...

so cool to have your camera ready to take that memory and make it unforgettable.

(i still see Christmas...;0)! )