Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Nothing much to speak of today.

The two little boys woke up sometime when there was still a 5 at the beginning of the clock.

Ran kids to school in the morning.

Design and Pick Your Plum work.

Volunteered in Beckham's class.

Tried to have rational conversations with hungry boys who had woken up sometime when a 5 was still in the front.

We had conversations but they where neither rational not productive.

Tried to insist on naps.

More design and pyp.

They never slept.

But the alone time in their rooms helped.

Other two came home.

Homework and snacks and hugs and kisses managed.

More snacks.

A little more design and pyp.

And again, more snacks.

Must be growing, especially the two littles.

Dinner made for the 8th day in a row! Fish tacos...and everyone likes them!

Went to mutual.

Had a stake wide tug o war.

Came home.

Talked with Kevin.

Fell asleep on the couch.

Woke up and blogged.

Going to bed to be able to probably do the same thing tomorrow..minus anyone waking up with a 5 or anything less in the front and hopefully more laundry. Not because I enjoy laundry, but because I enjoy having something to wear.

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Tobi said...

You are funny, even when you are terribly tired. :)