Friday, January 11, 2013

3 feet of bliss

Snow Day! That doesn't happen too often in Utah, but when nearly 2 feet of snow falls in just a few hours, the stars align perfectly and school is canceled.

The thing about today was it was perfect weather. The snow kept a steady falling pace meaning there was always a fresh layer of fluff to play in. It was also pretty warm. Cold without a coat, but you could stay out for hours and hours if you were properly dress.

We had so much snow that I suggested to Karaia, half joking, that she should jump off the deck into it. She took me up on that and landed perfectly on her back with a snow explosion of powder floating back on top of her. So. much. fun!

Beckham wanted in on the fun after seeing that. He was more timid at first, but after he landed on his back once, and it didn't brake as he insisted it would, there was no stopping him ;)

I got to sled, walk through the snow in my back yard. That was an adventure all it's own because the snow came up over my knees! Sanders was following me and said, "You lead me (the snow was nearly to his arm pits). Hey! That's like a Church song!" And then Kevin and I dug out the drive way for the 3rd time today.

We are exhausted and tired, but very happy.


Chrissy said...

I loved the videos of them jumping! Brave kids, I don't think I would have dared! :)

April Weeks said...

I actually had nightmares about this. Both Karaia and Beckham paralized with broken backs... I'm getting too old for that kind of excitement.

Elena Loo said...

that video of Karai is so great!! love it! sounds like a fun day!