Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kindergarten ninja

I vaguely remember Tennyson holding something green as we were getting ready to leave for school. The next time I looked at him he had on his Angry Birds hat Nana made him and I forgot all about anything green.
When he came home from school he hung up his stuff as I busied myself with getting lunch ready. I turned to look at him just as he was taking off his hat to discover this underneath

Yup. I sent a ninja to school without knowing it.

I stopped in my tracks and said, "Did you wear that to school? "

"Did you wear it all day?"


"Huh. What did your teacher say? "
"Nothing. I don't think she saw me."
To which I sarcastically mumbled under my breath," I bet she didn't."
Kindergarteners have the best lives!

He wanted me to make sure I added his ninja pose picture :)


Tobi said...

What a cute ninja! I love getting these daily insights into your life!

Ellis said...

These posts are the reason I love when you post every day! Knowing Tennyson was a ninja at school makes me feel more comfortable with sending Laurana to school with her own fancy hairdoos ;-) Those cute crazy kids!!

Colle said...

I Love it!!! What a awesome ninja!I had a somewhat similar experience today as well, you will have to check my blog.

Danica said...

That makes me laugh and feel better about Belle today. She showed up after Kindergarten holding her two foot tall Jasmine stuffed animal princess. I said to her, "Did Jasmine go to school today?" "Yes!" Oh I didn't know, but she was stuffed in a backpack when she left. I once asked her Kindergarten teacher about moments like this when we had to go back to school to get a couple baby dolls she took and left there without my knowing. Her teacher just acted like it happens everyday and wasn't a big deal. She said kids bring things all the time.