Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Teching parlor tricks

This post is for my dear friend, former roommate, all around fantastic girl. She will TOTALLY know I am talking about her after she sees the following picture as it should remind her of....well, her.

I am passing on the fun parlor trick of playing the piano in unexpected ways that I learned from my friend.

Karaia was both shocked and delighted that I suggest she play a song she had memorized this way. She had no troubles whatsoever. I thought she was just using her memory skills, she hardly made any mistakes and THEN I realized she was READING the music upside down!As if playing backwards with your hands crossed wasn't tricky enough. Amazing little thing.

Lori, thank you for being the inspiration to what will be one of my favorite memories with my daughter!


mae said...

That's pretty amazing! I saw some guy doing that on a billboard off the freeway...

By the way- LOVE Sanders room! The orange ceiling looks great!!! Way to go.

Chrissy said...

That is seriously impressive! Way to go Karaia. :)

April Weeks said...

I want a concert.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Karaia!!!! I'm so glad to hear she's having fun with music. Em, you need to take her to a Jon Schmidt concert for sure. He is the upside down piano master and is so much fun to watch and listen to. That post makes my heart happy. :) Keep up the great work on the piano--it's a lot of years of hard work and dedication, but it's so very worth every minute. Way to go, Karaia!!

Thanks for such a cute post, Em. Love ya!