Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Male vs. Female

We all know boys and girls think differently right? Logically I know that. Still, when I am faced with the reality of that fact I find myself totally surprised by just how BIG a difference there is.


I submitted some artwork to a brand new fabric manufacturing company about three weeks ago. Today, at 9:00am I noticed an email from them.

I stared at it in my inbox.

I walked away.

Came back and stared some more.

Walked away again.

Repeat that about 15 more times and you will have a good idea how I spent my morning.

I just couldn't bring myself to open it. What if it was another no? What if it was THE yes I had been dreaming of?

So I sent a text to my husband and my best friend looking for moral support.

I sent them the exact same text that read,"There is an email in my inbox from (Insert Fabric company name), the new company I sent designs to, I can't open it....."

Kevin immediately wrote back, "Let me look."

Me "No! I want to do it."

Kev "Oh I thought you meant you weren't able to open it."

Me "No, I mean, emotionally, I can't open it."

Kev "See, that nonverbal information doesn't come over by text message. What does it say?"

Me "Or that boys and girls think differently. I sent the exact same text to Tobi. We will see how she takes it. I don't know. I haven't opened it yet."

Kev "Of course it will be different for her, you wouldn't be asking her for help opening it"

Me  "I wasn't asking you either"

Now remember, I sent Tobi the SAME initial text. Her response was

Tobi  "Open...open...open "

Done and done.

And this, my dear readers, is why sometimes, although you love your husband dearly, it is a necessity to have a girls night out every now and again.

PS The company wants to see more!!!! YAY! Fingers crossed and lots of prayers!


Megs said...

of course they want to see more. You are insanely talented and have much to offer their company. Congrats!

Emilie said...

Megs, I love you and you are the very best kind of a person there is!

And not just because you say wonderful things about me. ;)

April Weeks said...

Ditto what Meg said.

Tobi said...

That made me giggle. Kevin just wants to be your knight in shiny armor...and I've always secretly wanted to be a cheerleader. :)

I can't wait for them to see more of your awesomeness and jump at the chance to send you a contract!

Sabina said...

Go Emilie! I know things are going to work out for you. You've just got to find the right company who can appreciate your specific style and talent. Keep me informed. I'm excited for you

Ellis said...

FINGERS CROSSED from me! This may be it and it may not be but eventually it WILL happen and we can all have the biggest best GIRLS NIGHT OUT EVER!!! Plan on it!

mae said...

How exciting!!!

Fingers and toes are crossed.