Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lake Powell

I just now realized that I never blogged about our trip to Lake Powell in August.

Sanders stayed with family because Lake Powell doesn't have gradual beaches and it's super easy to get yourself in trouble if you are not careful.

This was Tennyson's first time and he loved every last second of it. The only times he got out of the water were to eat, sleep, and the occasional sand adventure.

Tubin' with the cousins

We had the best little cove for a docking spot. The kids could swim clear out into the middle and we never had to worry a bit about them

Beckham the dare devil. Flopping off the floating tramp
There he is, mid-fall flight

I'm usually the one behind the camera. This is about the only shot of me :)

Skiing was rough this year. Not much excitement. But then we went to Lagoon and the kids were crazy brave. I kept comparing the rides to skiing. Hopefully they'll be a little more will next year.

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April Weeks said...

Fun pictures, fun time!