Thursday, November 17, 2011

'Tis the time of year

The first thing out of Sanders' mouth this morning was, "Mom, my tummy hurt."

10 minutes later the poor thing was dry heaving into a bowl. That's right. I have a two year old that made it into the bowl all 6 times today.

It's hard to watch your baby throw up. I think it's even harder to watch them dry heave. Their little bodies trying to expel what isn't there with such force that I am always surprised that their little face return their normal shade after such an experience.

By 3:00 pm he was begging for food. Sneaking into the kitchen any time he got out of my site and ramming anything he could find in his mouth before I could stop him. Thankfully, he never threw up after he started eating again.

When Kevin return home at 6:00pm a bouncing, running Sanders greeted him with high energy, "Hi Dad! I'm sick!" before disappearing around the corner to play some other game.

I wish I knew what made him so sick this morning, but I'm glad he's on the mend.

I am praying no one else get it.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry he was sick. :( Glad he's better. Hitting the bowl 6 times--that is an amazing and very welcome accomplishment!!