Monday, November 7, 2011

Painting and campaigning

I have been painting most of the day. I am happy to report I probably have only about an hour and a half left! I am super sad to report that I wish my stripes were the inverse of what they are. I'm just not loving the blue stripe up next to the orange ceiling. I would much prefer it to be a white stripe next to the orange ceiling. But when I was planning things out I thought the white next to the orange would feel to glow-ie, but after living with the white by the orange for a week now, I know that is not the case. As it is, I feel like the blue next to the orange makes the ceiling feel closer to you. Sigh.

Kevin is in the full swing of his final day of campaigning! He is so nervous, but I just know he is going to do great. He has worked very, very hard and done anything and everything he could. Whatever happens it will be a comfort to know he did his very best.

We are having a little, so super laid back, results party tomorrow from 8:30 pm until whenever the results come in. Just a little Thank You to everyone who has been so helpful and supportive! You are all invited!

I hope it's not lame. What does one do at a results party?


Brianna said...

Cheer? Or at least that's what they do at results parties on TV... good luck Kevin!

mae said...

Good for you for going for the orange ceiling! I bet it looks great.

Good luck to you guys tomorrow!!! Exciting stuff.