Saturday, November 5, 2011

We can survive!

Around 5:30 this morning when Tennyson woke up...that, by the by, is a different post entirely....we realized the power was out.

When it still wasn't back on at 8:00 am we called the power company and learned that it would be back on by 10.

In the mean time we bundled up the kiddos like we were going to go out side, felt grateful for our wood burning fireplace and gas powered stove, and made oatmeal for breakfast.

My sister Annie has been in town this weekend for some quick girls time and he schedule  allowed a quick matinee this afternoon.

I almost didn't go because their was no way to get ready without power. In the end I put on a hat and figured the movie would be dark anyway. We saw "The Help". It was amazing. It made me want to read the book again and I highly recommend it.

Before I left the power company updated us that the power wouldn't be back on until 1:00pm! When I got out of the movie at 1:30 Kevin texted to ask if I could pick up some ice on the way home for the fridge because the power STILL wasn't on!

When I got home, the two little boys were taking naps...remember the 5:30 AM waking? Right. So naps. Kevin took Beckham out campaigning (the final vote is on Tuesday!!!!!!) and Karaia and I talked by the fireplace and waited for the boys to wake up.

When they woke up we high tailed it over to Nana's house to thaw out, watch a movie, and wait for the power in our house to be restored.

We finally got word that the power was back on at 5:00pm.

It was kind of a fun day. Freezing, but fun. The kids did great and didn't complain once.

Still. It's nice to hear the heater running...

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