Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The day after

The day after a dream comes.....well I was going to say crashing down, but dreams don't die unless you choose for that to happen.

So let's say the day after a dream takes an unexpected dive into the ground is always a challenge. It's hard to pick yourself up, shake off the dust, own the sting of the hard hit, and choose to keep moving forward. In most cases it takes a few days to complete all those steps and grieve the path you thought you were going to take.

The best part of having a family is that you have built in cheerleaders that can see the light when your eyes are still clouded with the dust.

Today has been a hard day. I just want to take the hurt away. But I can't. That's part of growth and I would never take that away. I know he'll be fine. I just need to be patient until he knows that too.


Brianna said...

Watching someone you love hurt is hard, but you are both so truely blessed to have one another. And I am always so impressed with the big dreams of both of you. Hang in there!!

April Weeks said...

Kevin loves history. Historically most great men were not successful the first few trys. Kevin is one of those great men. I know this.

April Weeks said...

Just wanted to add,it stings, it is sad and very disappointing.