Sunday, November 13, 2011

Who can follow that

Let's be honest. Who can follow a post like that?

Anything I write today is going to be boring just in comparison. So I guess I'll just jump in.

Church was a little different in that I taught the Young Women a lesson on Missionaries. I adore Young Womens and wish that was my calling. But I will settle for being able to pop in now and again.

Sanders wanted to do anything and everything other than sit during sacrament meeting.

We had dinner at my Dad's and the company and food was perfect, as always. Although the cold weather means the kids are indoors and they have SO much energy after a Sunday of being asked to be reverent.

Beckham was super sad to not be at the grown ups table. There just wasn't enough room. I don't ever remember wanting to sit with the grown ups, but that was probably because I always had a TON of cousins my age and my gender. Beckham doesn't really have that. I think he's just trying to find his place.

He has also developed a very strong fear of that dark and being alone. Including with hyperventilating and the whole bit. Not sure how we are going to help him through this....

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