Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Perfectly Pulled off Surprise

As promised here is the post with pictures.

I made sure the camera was right next to me before I sat down :)

Here is the back story.

I help Mrs. Pickett's class every Wednesday. This last Wednesday was no different beside the fact that it was the day immediately following the sad results of the election. Kevin was still in the dumps and I was still trying to brain storm ways to help him see the silver lining.

Talking with Casey we came up with the idea of throwing Kevin a surprise party to congratulate him for having the guts to run in the first place AND it would give the opportunity to educate the students on the process of campaigning and voting.

It worked out perfectly that Kevin had Friday off for Veterans Day. I told Kevin that Mrs. Pickett had asked if I would be able to help her on Friday with a Veterans Day activity and that she had mentioned needing one more parent. I told him that I had volunteered him as well and Mrs. Pickett had said it was ok to bring the little boys with us.

Everything was perfect! He bought the story without so much as a second thought. Karaia and Beckham were REALLY good about keeping it a secret for two whole days and Mrs. Pickett had the brilliant idea to invite the Big Mac class as well.

Kevin, never wanting to be late, suggested we leave early. I told him to wait in the hall with the little boys so they didn't distract the class and I would peek in to make sure they were ready for us. I popped in the class and told them we were here. I then told Kevin to bring the boys in and I ran back inside to get ready to capture the moment with the camera.

Isn't he cute?!?!?
Karaia and Beckham LOVED showing off their dad!

Nothing  better than 50 kids and two teachers giving you a standing ovation! Before he had come in they had listed qualities that they thought someone who was running for city council should have.

After the applause died down the floor was open for questions. The kids had some fantastic questions and Kevin did a really good job answering them and keeping the kids entertained for about 20 minutes. Most of the questions were right on topic and offered some very informative answers from Kevin. My favorite question how ever came from one little boy who asked, " Are you really Green Lantern?" Kevin answered, "Maybe I am!"

The kids also made some posters to applaud Kevin's efforts in campaigning.

Including one HUGE sign

He was totally surprised! It was a much better ending to a very trying week.

Thank you Mrs. Pickett and all her amazing kids! You were the best part of the week!!!!


Lawson Family said...

I love that last picure! It will be perfect to hang in a future politcial office. What a great supportive teacher and class!

Danica said...

Oh how fun. That is really nice of Ms. Picket.

my rebel took over said...

That is so great! I love it!

Tobi said...

What a great way to celebrate Kevin...he deserves to be celebrated whether he is on the city council or not!

Alex said...

this made me cry. I"m so glad that Kevin could have a happy ending to this week.

He is very loved and we are all so proud of him

Megs said..., in case you didn't know....this made ME cry, not Alex ;)

April Weeks said...

That is so great! I hope Kevin is proud to be Kevin. We are all proud of him.

Greg & Lyndi Daly said...

This made me cry a little too:) Yahoo for a better ending!

Lynae said...

That's fantastic! What a great idea and great day for you guys!

Anonymous said...

I feel so bad about the election outcome. Kevin would have been fantastic. I'm glad you're both determined not to give up--he'll be there someday soon. And what a fun surprise for him! What a great teacher and as always, a beautiful family. Go get em next time, Kevin!