Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The final election results are in.

The numbers a very unexpected.

Kevin worked SO hard.

He came in last. LAST?!?!?!

It is just so confusing. It's one thing not to win. It's quite another not to have any idea why the numbers came in the way they did. Especially, when you have worked as much as Kev did.

As you can guess we are all pretty bummed. And very confused.

Thank to to all of the amazing support and help we received throughout the campaign. It meant a lot.

We had a Results/ Thank you party complete with red, black and white food per Kevin's campaign colors.

Just before we found out the results.

I am extremely proud of my husband. He worked his tail off despite the results not reflecting that. He is an amazing leader and is meant to do great things with his life. It seems the world will just have to wait for his awesomeness. I'm not worried one bit that it will happen.

Sometimes when you dream big you run the risk of falling hard. That just makes the dream all the more worth it.


April Weeks said...

Dave said he was only 7% different than the top winner. That is pretty dang good. We are all proud of him. If everyone that knows him had lived in Centerville, he would have been on the top! He will do great things. I knew it from the first time I met him.

Ellis said...

So Sorry! Wish you would have gotten the results you were hoping for after all that hard work!! I'm just so impressed by you and Kevin. You both are always going after your dreams, giving it your best and are so supportive of one another. The journey is all part of the experience. Sometimes it's hard...try not to let it get you down. It is all worth it in the end and the lessons learned will have been just what the Lord knew you really needed. Love you!