Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Branching out

Earlier today I found the two little guys like this....

Yes, Sanders is fake sleeping. He does that in the car when you just come home too.

They had formed their own little nest and they had made plans. BIG plans.They informed me that tonight, they would like to sleep here.

We compromised and let them have a sleepover on the floor in Sanders room.

We had to settle them down after Tennyson described the glory and magic of Christmas to Sanders and Sanders just HAD to tell us that, "Santa is coming HERE!!!!!!" That child's eyes could have led Santa's sleigh they were shining with that much excitement. 

After going in there a few more times they finally fell asleep.

I'm a pretty lucky mom to have such fun kids.

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Tobi said...

Your line about Sander's eyes and Santa's sleigh was brilliant. I love your writing!