Wednesday, November 23, 2011

German precision baking

As I mentioned last week, my husband is a fantastic baker.

He was working his magic again tonight. This time he decided to apprentice two ankle bitters named Karaia and Beckham.

Turns out he teaches how to bake as well as he bakes. They learned how to WEIGH ingredients vs. measure them with with measuring cups and why weighing is superior. *Ask Kev if you would like to know the reasons*

There came a point that the batter needed to be divided into thirds. (They were making pumpkin cheese cake) This required the food scale. Kevin instructed the kids how much the scale should read when they needed to tell him to stop pouring. They took his directions REALLY seriously.

"Almost....almost...aaaaalllmooooost...stop! STOP! STOP!!!!!!!"

Right on the money every time.

At this rate I'll know that when they leave from home they will be able to survive on killer homemade cheesecake.

It's such a weight off my shoulders. ;)

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